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    Morrissey bans owner davidt from concerts for life

    Things seem to have changed a bit around here since our day, Mari! With the constant flood of negative, anonymous trolls, there's a lot more garbage to dig through to get to the actual community here. I guess that's partly why we aren't here all the time anymore. I would like to say it's the...
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    Response to Arizona's New Law

    Truth of the matter is that they could use this law to go after whomever they wish, regardless of their appearance. They used the peoples' fear and anger toward illegal immigrants to further erode our freedoms and inch us closer to a police state. The immigration laws are in place, but they...
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    Why does this place have tumbleweeds rolling around?

    :banned:: Tsk Phill, wth do you keep doing to that girl?!
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    What was JJ's best username?

    Whoah I've been gone for a while. He was Joan of Arc when I met him!
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    why are you still alive

    My not being alive would be too much for my mum, and nobody else can stand my cats. Plus I've got this little kid now that I'm kind of partial to. Guess I have to stick around for a bit longer.
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    Were you popular at school?

    We must be from the same town!:o
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    new Morrissey fansite?

    Maybe it is a six year old child! If so, my faith in the future of this world may be restored. :p
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    Solo chat is a mess

    There were a lot of trolls back in the day, but I don't know about the cheater's club. Cheaters will do what they will, regardless of chat room access.
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    Solo chat is a mess

    The chat was great until about 2004. But yes, many friends and marriages made in moz solo chat once upon a time...
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    Kenny rules!

    Kenny rules!
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    The Wedding Present/Cinerama

    Ooh! The Doug Fir! That is the perfect venue for a show like The Wedding Present. Was lucky enough to catch British Sea Power there a few years back. Really tiny, intimate place.
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    I'm just about to inherit $4m

    :lbf: OMG JJ< I thought you were sent money?!
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    Jay? Conan? Dave? Jimmy?

    Conan is an excellent comedy writer. Worked for Simpsons and SNL before getting his own show... Jay just needs to go away already!
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    American God Squad in Moston, Manchester

    The thing with that is, the Bible was written by men, not dropped out of the sky, so I really don't get how it could be unadulterated. It's been edited, rewritten and censored ever since it came to be. My in-laws are JW, so I've had my fill of the Watchtower:crazy: What I found most shocking...
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    Manc binmen refuse to collect Scouser's rubbish

    What arseholes! She should push her bins to the neighbor's.
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