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  • Hi Mell!
    I've missed you! But I FINALLY have internet again! Yeah! Hope all is well with you and your roommate situation is working out. I leave for Dallas and Houston tomorrow morning and shall retrun on Tuesday! Take care my friend!- Love, Laura : )
    Mell I'll start giffing tonight, I'll see to that part in FOTGTD. The frinkiest of all parts ever (the shirt dragging in What she said) is almost impossible to gif (a lot of applause going on, arms everywhere), but I 'll see what I can do. Thanks again for youtubing, you shall be in the Gif Shop Hall Of Fame.
    Haha, things just kept coming to me that I had wanted to mention to you!
    Oooo, bad girl, go and read it when you get a chnce!! I know I stared for a while too....It took me a long time to really stay focused enough to read the whole interview. :o Arrggh! I hope so. I keep saying he has to as well....which is the truth!
    lol, it was definitely a highlight of my afternoon.
    one more thing...ya know that photo from the Dempsey gig, where Moz is turned tot he side lookin' kinda teary-eyed? Well there's a girl in the left of the photo, who's hair you can only see, blonde highlighted hair. In photos, if taken in the right light/angle, my hair can look very my mom sees it, as it's my desktop, and she tells me that the photo I have of Moz on the computer looks like I could be standing next to him....awww that put the BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE! It's silly I know....but my mom has no idea, how badly I would love to be over there right now!
    It was a cute moment that made my afternoon/evening. :D
    So if Moz headlines Glastonbury n you think he'll just continue show in Europe till then or all through even past then and then come back over here....I'm getting worried much hunch and gut feeling is wrong about dates for us later on this yr. :( :tears: I better be wrong!
    Whoo hoo!! That was my reaction. To the T! :D
    Haha whadda reaction. :rolleyes: It is really wierd, I have to say I am disappointed, just a little that Moz let them do that. It's a part of him, we recognize that and love that....wonder why he let 'em do it?
    Hey, did you read the article? I just read it right now.....I hope the Strokes do another album soon....wonder what Albert's will sound like....JULY 7th!
    aww, sorry love. :(
    I haven't read anything else really besides Mozzer's interviews an the article on Damien Dempsey! Sorry...hopefully by the time I try and read it for you, your mag comes. ;)
    Hi Mell..
    I#m doing verrrrrryy couldn't i..???*eeeek*
    he's looking very good..i love the hair..and the sweaty white shirt*drops*
    it's was an amzing show..i'm really jealous that i wasn't there!!!
    And they played WDYFOFY..i'm soo sad..hope they'll kepp it..i want to hear it live..i've never heard that before...!! ans that's amazing..i lovvvvee that's my goody moody song..:)

    Well..i will fly on friday with my mom (you have to know that she's crazy like me..she bought a new moz shirt..just for the festival)..and fly back on saturday morning 11:00 o'clock..
    i wanted to stay longer but i will fly into holidays italy/roma a few days later..and i need to spare the money..cause england is soo expensive..and the euro is not doing very well there..that was the cheapest way i could found...just 80€ for the flight..well that's remarkable..isn't it??

    aww..I'm done..really..he's such an interesting, smart and sexy drug..i could never give it up:D

    xoxo miry
    LOL, I love how what I said could be used to describe more than one setting....haha, okay getting my head outta the gutter. :p :o
    Just checking. :D
    I hope yours came today! mine did, so I am thinking there is a fair chance Nakey Moz is waiting for you...LOL.
    *waves and shouts, hi Mell*
    Mell, don't worry sweetie, you never need to feel rushed to write me back, EVER. Do it at your leisure. Those piccies put me in a trance. I can't get anything done here right now!! I so wish I was there in heart is aching right now. But there is a time and a place for everything and we will get our chance. -- Diane xo
    I HAD TO DO IT! All the new photos were taken as avatar's, but I haven't seen anybody's background photo be this. I LOVE IT TOO! It's NAKEY MOZ ALL OVER! *SCREAMS* :D :D
    YAAAY! I am so happy that you did. I got mine today. When i checked the mail, I saw the cardboard box and read the label, which said 'RECORDSTORE' and sarted jumping up and down. :D haha I am so silly I know, but's it's the one and only thing I have been looking forward to in a while. I've listened to the cd single about 3 times so far. Love it. I was suppose to have gotten a record player already, but haven't. It's my next goal! OMG, your going to LOVE the cover photos! :D ;)
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