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  • Yes, exactly!
    I just saw the real setlist!!!! I heard it at the bowl...kinda got a little emotional when I saw it was played ....I LOVE THAT SONG. I cry everytime I hear it's an automatic reaction, like clockwork. :o
    Seriously?! Wow. I'm glad your okay. When I heard on the news that it went as far South as San Diego, I thought of you. Kinda scary....never know how great it will get. They said on the news, cuz I have been watching it for the past 2 hours, that it could be a foreshock for 'the big one'. Who knows, who knows....was quick over 20 seconds. But I got stuff packed and ready in case this gets worse.
    mell, are you okay??? I don't know how hard the earthquake and it's aftershocks have hit you...but I hope your okay. Didn't hit too hard here thankfully. Hope it doesn't. Love ya ;)
    thanks for your kind words, dear..!!:)
    well, i thought the same doing!!!
    aww..he looks so comfortable, healthy nad relaxing..
    really nice to see him that way..
    he's really happy about that i'm happy, too..;)
    get to his chest..just do it..
    i think he allows you to get closer..
    just ask in a wait..
    in a lady like way..:D
    THEN we have to wait for Israel..
    well i think it could also be a fan present..
    long..long time ago..
    we all know that he keep the goods..
    just remember scarlet's shirt or the james dean tie..
    i'm so happy that just one person realized it..!!:D
    that's the reason i took it.. i can have both..
    moz..these are your don't be jealous:p
    i'm faithful;)

    oh..ok..then i understand i haven't seen it, yet..
    but after your words..i should do it..and i will...!!:)

    i wanted to go out, but my mom will sleep at a friend..
    and my sister is at her
    i have to stay at home alone..ok with my little cutie,,
    called robbie..(dog)
    he's not able to stay alone longer than 3 hours..
    but it's ok..
    i love him so it doesn't matter...:rolleyes::)

    well, i'm still watching some tv..but it's just crap..
    nothing useful.. you know more about his new necklace..:eek:
    or have thought about??
    well i wonder and burn to know
    if it has a special meaning..
    i mean..a carry weight..
    he didn't wore it at the hyde park..did he??
    i'm confused..:confused:
    thanks mell..yes it was fantastic..i posted a small summary in the frink:)
    but i'm glad to be back again..!!
    ciou bella:),
    how are you doing..??
    just stop by saying.. i'm back again..that's it..
    I dunno. I need to sort my head out when it comes to Moz - he's messed it up bigtime! :tears: I'm certainly giving it a break, maybe only until I come back from Italy though.
    I saw him outside, then he got into his SUV, took some pictures that is about all. He couldn't remember the name of John "Densmore" from the Doors so I called it out to him during the routine! It was surreal seeing him up close and in person! He's so amazing. More pix are on myspace if you are interested. -- Diane
    Haha, I missed it too....I was too busy doing other stuff and reading. I forgot. :(
    I hope Moz does well with the change in whether between Switzerland and was in the 60 in Switz and it's 93 degrees right now in Spain. That is quite the differential shock. :D
    Good...have a good work out. :)
    I hope it shows up soon. I really want to see it!
    Yes, I do infact...I have actually never fully watched it, though I have wanted to....and what better night than at the start of a fresh season. :D Later gator
    Mell, GET OFF SOLO! :p ;)
    Oh my day was long and my feet hurt, and I need to shower b/c I am really hot and sticky and I smell like fry oil. :sick: after a while I get that feeling from the smell. :D I hope you get to leave soon so you can go to the gym and listen to Mozzer while you work it out! :)
    So Moz is suppose to be in Israel for 3 days right? So, the day before the gig, Friday, then Saturday and Sunday I guess? Cuz I rmbr reading 3 somewhere...though I would think at least one or two more days so he could check out the place....hmmm, as long as I know he is okay over there and that he makes it home okay, I will be happy. :o I wonder if he is in Spain already....hmmm
    Hey, did the video from that interview with Lior ever get posted? I forgot about it.
    Okay, so tell me honestly. Is my profile background a bit much? :p
    I wanna keep that gif somewhere...I'd rather it be my avatar..we'll see.
    he's younger than him who's the boss..!!! hehe :)
    aww..i wish i would be in L.A..would you take me as roommate?..
    this is an official application:D
    We could do soo much moz stuff together..:rolleyes:
    very nice..but unfortately not realistic:tears:
    have you finished cleaning the flat?
    i really hate about your new one..have you got a household plan??
    thanks for your message at myspace..nice to hear that you had fun..i will look after videos tomorrow on youtube..i want to know him..!!!*grrr*
    ok..i think i will go to sleep have a nice rest day..and cioui;)
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