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  • YAAAAAAY! I know what you mean, I work every other week only and it´s soooo good. ;) I´m glad to know you´re fine and good luck with the new job.
    Wow! You have been a busy bee! But it sounds like you've enjoyed this severance pay. You deserve it! 3 weeks huh? Luuucky. :D

    I'll pm you. I'm telling you, my life is never dull! :p
    Hello Ms. :) How are you doing!? as you can tell, you are missed. ;)

    So, how's the job situation? And if you have found one and started, wanna spare me a few hours???

    Also, how has the weather been over there? And do you think it would be hard to find a place over there within the next 6 months?
    MELL have you seen the new pic of's soo sweet..have a look!!!:eek:
    aww..i adore his outfit the black shirt and the flatcap..yes..i'm a fan of them:rolleyes:...
    hi mell how are you? i hope you had an excellent weekend,i can`t wait for the dvd release.....i already order it,i`m so excited,and what about you? are you going to buy or not?......mmmm let me guess :rolleyes: you will hahahaha :D well have a great week

    greetings from mexico city

    bye :)
    YEAH!!!! Oh Mell that is wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Wish we could go celebrate with a Moz show! I will be on vacation Oct 2-29th! We should get together before you start your new job! Congratulations! I'll go pop the champaign!- Love, Laura : )
    That is awful that you have to go up against a co-worker. How stressful! It sounds like you really want it so I am hoping you get it! Hang in there!
    Thanks Mell! We are so excited to have another boy! I have been taking it easy, the only problem is I have a huge race and have to start doing marathon training right after this kid is born...EEK! So as for now I'm enjoying my resting from training, and being pregnant kind of sucks but I'm not sick anymore and the baby moves and practices karate on me A LOT so thats kind of cool. Take care!
    Hi Mell!
    Oh that sucks! I am so sorry! Hopefully it went better than you think. Teaching can be fun- ask me on another day! Today sucked. It was so hot -111! And the kids were all hyper. I enjoy the teaching part but not the political BS, staff meetings, conferences, field trips and trainings that go along with it. Where was your interview today? I am exhausted. I went to my meditation class and got in an argument with this woman when i told her how much Sarah Palin disgusts me. Then I had my yoga class afterwards and was in no mindset for that. I suppose I should just call it a day before i get worked up over something else. Good luck on Thursday! - Love, Laura : )
    Oh yes, your right!!! I would have loved to have seen that too. I do believe it, it's just sorta hard for me to picture it.

    Oooo really? I would love to take a tour!! That sounds so exciting. If you do get the chance to go to school again, I hope you get the school of your choice, that being the Art Institute. :)

    I'm not wasn't the job for me...I'm just really happy I didn't leave INO yet. They've been good to me in this last year. I am content for now. Being positive helps, and of course there are better times ahead, for the both of us, even though there will be bumps along the way. I hope you've had a nice weekend. I have enjoyed the cool weather!! It's a very nice change. I'm getting excited for the regularly (hopefully :p) cooler weather. I love dressing for winter!!
    Thank you!!!! It is a big day...I mean I'm still the same person and all, but I do feel slightly different, a bit more grown up. :p Thanks, I am too. The fact that we live 2 blocks away makes an accidental drive by them easy....I wish I could move far away from them. I hate when people don't take the blame or don't allow it to seem like they could be at fault. :rolleyes: Stupidity. I talked to my mom though and she read it and thought it was so ridiculous and pathetic. We are soooo passed done!
    Anyways, yes, I am happy about beng able to do 18+ stuff :D and yeah I read that hug ordeal too. I wish I had photos to boot! Or could at least read the interview. Right, cuz that's where it was said? Oh, I don't kow, maybe I'm getting confused. :p Crazy, YES! :D Aww, I am sure you'll do just fine on your interview!! I hope if it's a job you really want and that will work out great for you, that you get it. :)

    Oh by the way, I'm keeping my job and INO and not working with my mom. I figured out it's not right for me. I have been thinking a lot about being a pattern maker...something in the fashion industry has always been exciting to me. And this job sounds really interesting, and they're always in demand. Pays really good and can be done from home depending on the company. I just need to check out what schooling I need. I get excited thinking about that job, it's a very technical job, which is good for me, cuz I am super picky on detail. :p
    I hope your night is going well. :)
    well when I typed hello, this day was great so far. Today i turned 18. and I'm really excited. I got off of work early by suprise, and just relaxed at home. Just a few minutes ago, my aunt dropped off a long made me stomach turn and made me cry. Way to ruin a day for me. I don't understand how someone can say they view you like their own daughter, and make it seem like they're were always here for you, when there have been so many times she's made me feel uncomfortable, or wonder why I ever said hi to her on some occasions. Ugh...My life was beginning to be a happy one again! And then this stupid letter. :tears:
    I don't even want to think about it.
    How are you? :o I miss Moz least to know where he is would be some kind of comfort and happiness to me. I wish I could see him in a casual setting and just talk. It would be refreshing...I would hope anyways. :)
    why laid off???:eek:
    what's the reason??
    do you want to do a similar job..or different??

    a lucky girl..!!!!;)
    i hope it will be old is he..
    where did you met him..has he got dark or
    blonde hair..oh god..i think i'm overdoing it now..sorry:p

    I'm still single..but not unhappy with it..:)
    so it's ok..but my politics teacher is a hottie, too..:rolleyes: all my men..hehe:D

    still destination:)
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