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  • hi Mell!
    Just checking in with you! Hope you are well! Miss you! Did your new love interest get hired at work?? Details... Details... - Love, Laura : )
    That is awesome about the new guy! Yeah! Glad he is someone special! Yes we are definitely doing the Moz shows!! As many as we can manage!!! Ok I should have gotten off here an hour ago! Sleep well! I hope tomorrow will be a time of great change in a more positive direction! - Love, Laura : )
    It is definitely hard to date at the office. Of course since I became a teacher those days are over! But I dated when i worked at Mattel, Desert Djs, and The Cineplex Odeon! Never a good thing but since you already know him it is probably better! Do you really like him? Then it would be so great to have him around! I was a Vintage Barbie for Halloween. I brought one of my Vintage Ponytails Barbies in to work wearing the same outfit as my costume- Solo In Teh Spotlight. I had class after work and didn't get home until nearly 7. My friend Mike is filming a documentary about my Barbie collection so he was filming, trick-or treaters were coming, and several friends decided to drop in with their little ones. It was insane! And I was so out of it to begin with! Saturday I had class adn we had a fieldtrip to the Gene Autry Museum. Then Sunday I had two parties to attend. I am still recovering. I better go work on my report cards. Are you voting tomorrow? I better not have a staff meeting after work! Can't wait to see Morrissey! YEAH! Love, Laura : )
    Hi Mell!! Hope things are going well at your new job!! Did you do anything fun for Halloween? I guess we'll be needing to plan the upcoming tour! Woo-Hoo! Hope you are well!- Love, Laura
    TOUR!!!!!!!! *screams* Did you hear the scream, Mell? I think it travelled across the country!! Hope all is well. I hope you can see Moz on a long weekend. -- Diane
    hi Mell!
    It will get easier as you get more comfortable! i hope there will be some nice people there for you to work with! I need to go to bed. I am going to Disneyland in the morning. One last hurrah before going back to the grind. Good luck with work! Be well! - Love, Laura : )
    Only good-ish? Have you gone anywhere for vacation or is it one of those stay-at-home time off things? I hope you're having fun and I hope the new job turns out to be fabulous. It's always nice to do something you enjoy. :)

    The sleep comes and goes. Sometimes I drop off like a narcoleptic into a coma that lasts for several hours, sometimes I'm wide awake. It has gotten better, though.
    hi Mell!
    Glad you enjoyed your visit with your parents. I spent most of my time off cleaning my house and organizing junk from school. I did make it to Disneyland on Friday and on Sunday I hosted my Barbie Collector's Club. I am off to my Apple Class in an hour. My other classes take up the majority of the week. They meet 5 of the other days. I am taking them to go up on the payscale. I just can't wait until this is over and my paycheck will reflect it. But that's a long way off! Wish Mozzer would announce the US dates so we can make some plans! Good luck with the new job! I go back to work next Thursday and I am not looking forward to it either. Be well! - Love, Laura : )
    Hi Mell,
    Just wanted to send you best wishes and good luck starting the new job.:)

    I hope that you are able to take a break to see Moz if need be. Speak soon.
    Things are going. I really should be doing laundry but I'm wasting my time catching up on mail and such. How have you been?
    Hi Mell, The root canal was really not that bad. The Dr. was wonderful and gave me lots of novocaine. The Dr. can really make or break the experience. It was the measuring for the crown afterward that was very stressful. I was in the chair for 3 1/2 hours because the dentist felt like it!!:( All is well now and yes, it was better I did it now. Even my husband, who is not a Morrissey fan, thinks Moz will play some warm up shows for down under out in LA. But I'm not so sure. I would love to come to LA for a long Moz tour, but I know, like you said, the crowds are insane....I'd rather avoid that.:p NY was pretty rough last year, as well. I had to escape to the back for some air, as it got so tight, my lungs were collapsing!:D:eek: You are SO lucky to have seen Moz out in Tijuana, that must have been an intimate show. I like the mellow ones. I'm really too old for this!:D I think the UK will get shows right after Australia, I think he is done for 2008. Hopefully, we will get to see him by summer, but that is too long for me!:o:( Thank you for the travel good wishes. I will be taking my laptop because I don't want to miss any announcements!! Rest up and enjoy the time before you start your new job. You may never have the chance very soon again.
    Hi Mell, Thank you for asking, yes, I'm just about over the cold. I still have some sinus congestion. And I finally finished the root canal, I'm the proud owner of a new crown, but also a few thousand poorer!:tears::tears: That money could have gone to a Moz tour.:tears::o I also have a terrible itchy rash that is driving me bonkers. And I'm leaving for London in two weeks, so all this is stressing me out big time.
    Just like yourself, I had hopes for a tour in the Fall (although I thought it would be a European tour) and I even held off on planning my vacation thinking I could coincide it with seeing him in the UK. It seems like ages since he played a show. I guess it was in July sometime, maybe Israel was the last one?
    Good luck with your new job! I understand that you can't take off long stretches, but maybe you could take a Friday and a Monday and make it a long weekend. Would that be acceptable? I don't have high hopes for seeing him too soon. I think he may do the UK first -- I don't know it's only a hunch that I get. And if he does do the UK first, do we go over there with thoughts that he may skip the US? I know it will drive me crazy deciding what to do next year. I have a free plane ticket to use for Moz anywhere.....I just want to make sure I use it wisely!;)
    I can't begin to tell you Mell, how much I miss him!!:tears: I am in such a slump right now. If he plays in a very small city in the US, I am going. It is my dream to see him in a small venue up very close. NY and LA are difficult, since there is so much competition for the barrier.
    I hope that your new job brings you everything you desire. How many weeks off are you getting? Nice to hear from you. -- Diane
    Hi Mell!
    I am off until the 30th. I am actually about to head to class. It has been a while since I have taken any so it will be hard for me to get used to again. I just hope i can find the place. i suppose I should get off solo and go get ready. UGGH! Can't wait for the tour!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! A year ago yesterday I was seeing Moz! Oh to go back... Just for those hours. ( Or less rather...) Let's hope he announces soon! Good luck with your new job!
    Hi Mell!
    Glad you still have some time off. How was your visit up north? I am trying to start my vacation time but so far other than a trip to visit my brother I haven't had a chance to do much of anything. A dear friend lost his Mom last week so i've been dealing with that. Yesterday was the funeral. Can't wait until Moz announces the US dates!!! Woo-hoo!!! We will be rather busy!!- Love, laura : )
    Thank you for the healing vibes, Mell. I've overdosed on Halls drops and Advil.:) *doesn't accept the hug to prevent Mell from getting sick as well*.:D
    Everyone I know is sick, too! I think I got it at the dentists office from the stress and the rash, too - I sat in the chair for 3 1/2 hours and the Dr. didn't even ask me if I needed a break. I just about peed in my pants! I was certain that there would be a UK Fall tour, I even held off on my travel plans to coincide with it. I really think he needed the break. It must be EXHAUSTING to travel and perform like that. If he doesn't do the US, I'm going to the UK because we (and Moz) are not getting any younger and I'm not missing one more second of his career! There has been a listing for May 2009 at Madison Square Garden in NYC floating around, but I highly doubt that it is accurate. It is not in Ticketmaster's database. -- Diane
    hi mell..
    nice to hear from you..and the good news about your job..i've read somewhere that's it's quite better than your old one..congraulations..that's nice to hear.., really!!!:clap:

    even better your holidays now:p
    ..just one thing..use them!!! now you can go through your days without being worried about the situation..!! really great..!!

    well, I'm doing very well..but i got a's so freezy outside..just raining..all day long..and just 3 °C in the night..daytime 8-10° i would like to move..that weather is really keep a room free for never know what happens..:D:p

    well, i also got holidays right now..for 2 weeks..
    now it's just one week left..
    i started my education 6 weeks ago..and it's very tough..
    you have to do a lot of stuff...especially after school..
    but i'm happy with's much better than i thought..and that's, isn't it?:rolleyes:
    well..It's social's very learn so much we got the topic children til next year..then i will start with the the mentally retarded and at last older people..seniors..yes..all kind of mind!!
    so it'll never get boring..

    ew..i have to go off now..I'm REALLY tired..i visited my aunt today and she got 2 little children 1 and 2 years old..and they got a REAL bad mood..just crying..almost all day long..i really got a headache now:D..
    so wish you a nice day...or better..a nice sweaty day..
    eww..I'm soooooo jealous:p

    lovley greets from as always rainy cologne

    xoxo miry in a REAL coma;)
    Hi Mell, It's so nice to hear from you! How are you? I have been suffering from a bad cold, congestion, sore throat, root canal, rash, etc, etc.!!! I'm falling apart! I can't even remember where I got that picture -- I found it in my photobucket from a few months ago. I agree, he looks so handsome and I love the way his head is tilted (so sweet). Isn't it nice he's starting to plan the 2009 tour? I hope he doesn't pass up the US like he basically did in '06. I'm worried! Talk soon, hope all is well.
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