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  • Hi Mell, Boca is for sale through Live;) I am heading down to Florida to visit my brother-in-law who lives in Ft. Lauderdale and then driving to St. Pete to see the show there. Then I'm flying home to NY. I'm not going to Chicago. My credit card is already totally worn out!!:D I am going to Boston -- got my ticket. Why don't you go to Boston? Moz can sing "happy birthday to you".:D Would love to meet you in either place! - D
    And why on god's green earth are there still no CA dates?? UGH!!! SO frustrating. Last week I went to the Craig Ferguson show to see John Corbett and the Tonight Show to see Ralph Fiennes. It was great to see my 2 favorite actors in one week. I go back to work on Friday. Yuck! I miss you and hope things are going well! - Love, Laura : )
    Hi Mell!
    How are you? Sorry I haven't written this new year has been off to an incredibly busy start. So update on the man. Anything new. You said you had broken up. Have you moved on trying to make things work? I called Mark on Thursday. it is now Tuesday and no response so that ought to tell you how my love life is. I had this wild and wonderful dream about him last night and it is driving me crazy. I am all hot and bothered all day. I still can't figure him out or get a read on what the deal is with him.
    Then there is this whole Morrissey mess. I keep looking at tickets but then it seems like such an ordeal to go to Manchester for his b-day. I want to go SO BADLY! I am worried though about traveling alone and knowing how to get around when I get there. I just don't know what to do. ( continuing on another page)
    Hi Mell, Yes the aching body is getting better. Thanks for asking. I almost fell in the same spot again, this morning!:D I'd love for you to come to Boca. I'm going to Boca and also to St. Pete. I just booked my hotel room and flight. It's the first show of the tour, I have to be there. I miss Moz very much.:o Would love to see you there, so please consider it!!:) It has snowed here every day a bit for the last week and it is cold and dreary now. Can't wait for the tour!:D Speak soon, and let me know if you go to Boca!! - Diane
    Hi Mell,
    I've been thinkin' about ya!:) Hope all is well out's cold here, 6 degrees this morning when I woke up. I slipped and fell on the ice on my driveway yesterday, after my hubby warns me every second to "watch the ice".:D Now I'm aching! What have you been up to lately? - D
    Hi Mell, Yes, since I already live here, I can pay whatever. Which is a nice feeling! I would do the same as you...not bother if it meant a hotel and flight. I'm sure a few folks won't make it to Webster for whatever reason, that always happens. I'm confident I'll make it that one, a bit poorer, but I'll make it:D Not sure about Bowery, however. I'm thinking that one is well reserved for those in the know. Good luck to you whatever you plan on doing....Let me know how you make out either way. Finger crossed for us both. xo
    Thanks, Mell. I really don't want to cry over this - not worth it in the long run!! But it is very stressful. I will be willing to pay whatever to get into either show. I just want to exhaust my chances for tomorrow's sale and then resort to ebay or stub hub. I am going to two shows in Florida, so I'm lucky for that at least. Those Bowery tickets were all held aside, it is so obvious.....and most of the Webster Hall tix went to the TM partner sites, after the itunes allocation was satified. It is so unfair, but that is the world we live in!!! Take care, speak soon! Diane
    It looks like I won't be anywhere -- yet!! Hopefully tomorrow we'll have better luck. How about you Mell, did you get anything. I live in the greatest, most competitive city in the world.:o
    have a great trip to Hawaii! ( Wish I was going!) We will be up in the mountains at our family house although with the snow we may not get up there! I hope things work out with the cutie from work! Men are always so bad at these things. I went out with Mark again this week and then he came to my holiday party on Saturday and I still don't know if he is interested or what. I guess if he keeps asking to go out it is a good sign, but I don't know what the deal is. ( He is the guy from my yoga class who I have known for 9 years) I am off until the 23rd of January so let me know if you have free weekend and maybe we can get together and record shop and grab some dinner! Would love to do that! Merry Christmas! Safe travels! Be well! - Love, Laura : )
    MELL!!! I am SO EXCITED for YOU!!!! I wish I was going with you!!! I didn't even think about the Memorial Day weekend! Damn! Wish I hadn't been so busy lately I might have thought more about it. UGH.... That is going to be so amazing!! I am glad that the cute guy got hired! That rocks!!! Any holiday plans?
    Hi Mell!
    How are you doing? We haven't spoken in ages! So why are there no CA dates? Are you really going to Manchester??? I am so jealous!!! ( In a good way!) I want to go so badly! He only turns 50 once.... I still can't believe he is turning 50! Wish I was on vacation then! Drop me a note when you can! I miss you! - Love, Laura : )
    I'll definitely be at Carnegie!! I saw 10,000 Maniacs there, hehe! It really doesn't suit Morrissey. I didn't enjoy the show there. I was up in the balcony. I'm just happy he is coming, so I'm not complaining!! All is good>.......i'll see you in Manchester!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Mell!
    I hope he gets the job! That would be great! Can you recommend him? I totally understand that whole friend zone. I have had no one in my life for two years and am getting rather impatient. On friday I had a nice surprise as I got to spend time with my friend Saar who I have adored for 9 years. I have no idea how to make anything work with him... He is the sexiest damn thing I have ever laid eyes on. He plays piano barefoot and sings and I love to hear him banging away on that piano. But i just don't know how to make that go anywhere. So sad... I hope you have better luck than I do!
    I have parent conferences this week. the long hours are killing me. It sucks... hope you are well! Love, Laura : )
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