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  • Mell you could be reading my mind.... work and a lame ass boy... can't wait to get to England! It is my only salvation right now. My ticket for the 22nd was dispatched today but I had it sent to Phill's house so hopefully it will get there safely. Unfortunately Phill is in Boston at the moment... praying this all works out! WHat time do you get in?
    Hello Mell!
    I am wondering if you are at Coachella! I text you before as I was watching the webcast. Dallas was awesome! The best show I have seen him do in years. He was so on! Such the stage presence and I loved the setlist. Can't wait for Manchester!
    :)Hi Mell!
    When I didn't hear from you I signed up for more classes, so I will be at class that weekend. That sucks that there were no pit seats. my Mom was a bit concerned at the idea of Oakland anyway so maybe that's a good thing. Dallas is a week away!!! I am so excited! Wish you were coming! I booked my flight to Manchester this week! So all is a go! Hope you are having a great weekend! - Love, Laura:)
    I'm sorry that your work blocks this web site. How hellish! There are a zillion wonderful new photos - call in sick one day and catch up! ;)

    We're doing ok. I'm looking forward to Ann Arbor. When is your next concert? Which ones are you attending?

    Hi Mell!
    I am going to try to work on the Manchester plans this weekend but I have no idea where to look fo ra place to stay or how to get around or anything! If I go I want to do both manchester shows and come back on Sunday or Monday. I hope I can pull this off. My Morrissey tickets arrived in the mail today!!! I have Dallas! My Godchild's b-day is the day before so I am going for her bbirthday and then her Mom and I are going to see Morrissey!!! Yeah! I am exhausted and off to bed, I will let you know what happenes with Manchester. Love, Laura : )
    Hi Mell!
    Things are crazy busy! I found a place I can get Manchester tickets but I need to figure out a place to stay and get a flight! At least now I feel like it is a real possibility rather than just a dream! I got tickets for Dallas so I will at least see him there. I don't think I will bother with Coachella. I just don't know. I have been sick for three weeks. I was off work for four days last week. Next week I have parent conferences. Things have just really sucked. I hope you are doing well! - Love, Laura : )
    hi mell
    how are you ?
    .. how did your new job work out?
    hope all is well...will you see moz tomorrow or was the news of the reshift coming tol late for you?
    Mell, Are you psyched for Jimmy Kimmel? I hope you and M get to the front! :0) I'll be thinking of you. I hope that you can reach out and touch Mozzy. Awwww those soft fingers!!:D I think I'm still hyperventilating over that photo. :sweet:
    I just read that HOB Boston is sold out, but I haven't checked TM. I'm glad that I bought my ticket when I did! Now I just have to figure a way there!:D Lowe's is cool; I'm always there fixin' up the house! xo
    Hi Mell!
    I might actually have a chance to go thanks to a fellow solo-er who saw my post on here and took pity and has tickets that won't be used, not sure if I was too late as I didn't get home until late last night and the message was sent yesterday morning... Hopefully I will hear back today! I would love to finally meet you! I'll let you know if I get an extra ticket for your boy! Good for you making that CD! Let him know you can't wait forever! Mark finally called on Thursday night! I was so happy to talk to him but we didn't confirm anything he just said we would do dinner soon. Hmmm... ANyway I have to go to class this morning. UGH! i will be back tonight. Take care!- Love, Laura : )
    Hi Mell!
    So glad you are going! Yeah! Well the website says to check back for cancelations so that is what I will do. If you do hear that anyone has an extra ticket please let me know. I was so bummed to read that and only find all the tickets gone. I guess that was about two hours after the post was made on solo. Two hours too late! As usual. I was shocked I managed to go to Craig Ferguson and Jay Leno last week. No such luck with Morrissey though. UGH! Glad things are back on with your man!! Yeah!!- Love, Laura : )
    Hi Mell!
    I sent you a message to My Space but it looks as if you haven't been there lately. Did you get tix to see Mozzer at Jimmy Kimmel? I just tried a few minutes ago and it says sold out. Why am i always the last to know?? So frustrating! Anyway hope you are doing well. Miss You! - Love, Laura : )
    Yes, I have to convince my hubby to drive me there!;) I know what you mean by House of Blues being small, and that is what I thought, but I think this one is large ~2,400. They combined two older clubs to form this new House of Blues and made it quite large. I have to read up again on the size. Good idea to hold up a sign, and you are making a good request!!;):D - D
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