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Sep 17, 2018
Jun 17, 2007
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san diego, california
taste enhancer. enhancer of tastes. oh yes.

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loves moz, from san diego, california

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Sep 17, 2018
    1. westendgirl
      hey chicky, did you order the single (cd+vinyls)??
    2. viva hate1
      viva hate1
      hi mell! how are you? i`m glad you liked the pics, have an excellent week (:
    3. PregnantForTheLastTime
      Thank you- it was great to meet you! I had an awesome time and some much-needed relaxation. I'm sure I'll be back, someday.
    4. Claudia2006
      Thank you!!!! :D Me too!!!! :D It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!
    5. miryam_moz85
      (Obviously, not as sexy as Morrissey, but doin' pretty good for an older guy!!)

      haha..that made me laugh;)..
      yes really sexy and good looking..for his young tell me your i can use it in 30 years...
      Ohyes..i will..i mom vistited a concert years ago..i guess it was in the late 80's..she told me the same..great concert..unique artist--like our moz..god bless them..Amen;).. like his polo shirt..i find it...daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmn sexxxxayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
      I'm done..otherwise..i will never stop;D
    6. miryam_moz85
      I#m doing very well..
      as you maybe read already,
      i had a nice drink with some friends while watching the who celebrate moz's birthday..;)..such a nice day.. wish him all the best..hope he's having a great party^^
      wonder if he will stay in L.A..or fly to England to celebrate the day..?
      And you?..what will you doing today...?
      lovley greets from cloudy cologne...;), i bought the ultimate collection box from Bowie with 9 cd's for 50€ with all songs + remix..absolute amazing stuff..i love it..heard it just all day;)..can't wait for his new cd..after the one year of his break..
    7. sistasheila
      thanks for asking me being a friend and in return adding me as a friend..:rolleyes:
      .hope everything is fine in cali...i aM JUST READING SANDIE SHAWS BOOK AND picking out the moz bits
      have a lovely day:guitar:
      and attention of a frink overload:D
    8. miryam_moz85
      i don't really know..i really wanted to see him in spain...but nobody wants to go with addition..i have to say..that i don't really like the other bands..uff..hard decision..and then 60€ for a see him maybe 30 have to know that i will fly into holidays (with a friend of mine) after the hyde park wireless festival..and i don't have soo much money then..but at the end..i will..i think so..i hope so..!!..
      i'm a bit
    9. miryam_moz85
      the weather is hot (at least)..and I'm feeling wonderful..isn't it beautiful..;p
      xoxo miry ;)
    10. Je Suis Julie
      Je Suis Julie
      Hi Mell! :)
      Just stopping by to say hi....
    11. miryam_moz85
      i njust wanted to say
      gracias for the amazing moz on the way to a bookstore pics!!'re really always on the's fantastic..!!
      And the pics..nothing tio answer more, right;)
    12. miryam_moz85
      If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you^^

      Oscar Wilde
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    san diego, california
    taste enhancer. enhancer of tastes. oh yes.
    morrissey's dimples make me swoon :)

    concerts, cooking/baking, traveling, and searching for the world's best fro-yo.