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    Penis = dick, citrus scented floorboards, & more: Rare '92 Moz interview

    Thanks, Joe! I had not seen this one before. Linder and Bracewell are described as partners/married. Bracewell also interviewed Moz in the noughties. That was a nice one, but I am still haunted by that photo of Moz in Bono sunglasses by the Vegas slot machine...
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    Los Angeles 1991 - Bowie appearance

    Awesome, modrevolve. As for an audience audio boot, one clever chap commented, "I wish those two old queens on stage would shut up so we could better hear the audience scream." :lbf:
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    Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson

    Craig Ferguson Hah, I looked up youtube clips of him as Bing Hitler and from Mental! Since you liked the youtube clips, you should subscribe to Malinky2Stoatir's channel: This is one of my fave monologues -- wherein he admires Karl Lagerfeld...
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    Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson

    Re: Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson & Moz, too! Funnily enough I'm wearing a green sweater today. I can just hear that Weedjie accent burring in my ear reading the word "Bastard!" :lbf: Reminds me of the bit about a Glasgow orgy (starting @ 05:35): I was at that taping. Chunky B...
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    Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson

    Re: Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson & Moz, too! Every so often, I go to a Craig Ferguson taping 'cos I'm a fan. Before the show is taped, when the audience is settled in their seats, a video montage showing highlights of previous shows plays on the video screens around the studio. This montage...
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    I like Kewpie

    Ditto. I'd like to reiterate something I wrote a couple of years ago when some ignorant pup was whining about how Kewpie was gruff with him: Thanks, Kewpie! You do double-duty: you keep the boards tidy, and you amuse the frustrated neuters by providing them with opportunities to pick on you...
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    wanted - Jan/Feb 1992 issue of the Morri'Zine

    So you have the other ones? Maybe the issue you want will turn up as well. I would like to offer scans for you, but it would be very tedious to do so, so I want to be sure you have diligently searched for it. Sometimes a break from searching helps. :) For the westcoast tour I couldn't find...
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    Unofficial youtube Smiths videos

    OMG, you are my hero! You've melded two of my fave interests -- social guidance films from the 1950s and the Smiths. Brilliant! This one for "London" using clips from "Billy Liar" was pretty good, too. Usually, I like watching social guidance films like these: "Don't go to bed...
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    San Francisco 91 Shoreline Halloween

    Was there, dressed as an angel, so was very excited to hear "Angel, Angel Down We Go Together". Morrissey asked hesitantly, "Is is is today...Halloween?" to great cheering. Lots of strange costumes. Halloween shows are the best! Also felt very lucky to be hearing "Pashernate Love". Took...
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    morrissey frink thread!

    There's an English translation of the interview on this thread. There's more to Moz than lust...but not much more! ;)
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    morrissey frink thread!

    No, the photo was taken in Hollywood, CA, USA; despite what some geographically challenged people say, that's not in Mexico. Besides, the Mexican citizens who attend the shows are too well-mannered to tongue-rape Morrissey like that. Here's a recap of the story plus links to the original photo...
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    Morrissey interview

    You can find it by searching youtube with the terms such as 'Frank' 'Sidebottom' 'Podge' 'Rodge'. It was dire, but just in case you have a stomach stronger than mine...
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    Morrissey statement on TTY 06/01/10

    My first thought, indeed a Morrissey-Marr reunion never occurred to me, when I first saw the statement was, "At last! Thank Goddess, Morrissey has fired Azoff! Yay! :guitar:" I used to wish for a Smiffs reunion, but got over it by the noughties. Not like I have to worry about it ever...
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    Which is Morrissey's worst album cover?

    I didn't see an option for Subpar Grandma (original issue), so I voted for the next worst, Swords. Moz still photographs magnificently, so why they had to use that unflattering shot of him looking constipated or like an escaped convict pausing for a breather in the midst of burying the body...
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    why hasn't morrissey toured africa?

    I know very well this isn't a serious thread, but in actuality, there are some African fans, just not enough to make it profitable for Morrissey to tour there. These fans that have the means have had to travel outside of Africa to see Morrissey. In the late '90s, I hand-delivered a letter to...
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