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  • in all seriousness though, what i said in the "furries" thread is true. where have you been? I was seriously gonna write you tonight anyway, then you popped up. we must have a crazy telepathic connection. :p:cool:
    so my roommates out on a date or something right now, so I'm home by myself, drinking wine, flipping channels and "Superbad" happened to be on, and I thought of you (or Jimi Hendrix...but you know what i mean...) I've seen it like 4 times, but I'm still sitting here laughing like a goon. "McLovin...are you an Irish R&B singer??" hahaha, omg. funniest shit evar. :lbf:

    it's probably the best Apatow film, do you agree?
    yeah I actually read a review of that today and it also said he gave a good performance. I'm sure I'll get around to seeing it. I enjoy Judd Apatow films. "Super Bad" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin" are teh total lulz.
    haha, the greatest line in Billy Madison is "Sorry doesn't put the triscuit crackers in my stomach, now does it Carl???"

    omg, f***in gets me EVERY time.

    I do love Happy Gilmore too, and the Wedding Singer. After that his movies started sucking pretty bad.
    i can! and do often. especially zoolander cuz I've seen that more times than I can count. Office Space alot too, and occasionally I'll bust out with some Billy Madison.

    "no milk will ever be OUR milk."
    you better watch out, or Billy Ray will achey breaky your face!!!

    p.s. I think we both watch all the same movies.
    HAHA. nope! If I was with Perverted Justice I would've asked you to bring me some McDonalds and wine coolers!! not Scrabble and vodka, duhh!! :rolleyes::cool::D

    actually i didnt move quite YET, but when I do, you are more then welcome to come over as long as you bring some vodka and scrabble. :thumb:
    I know! I've been busy with gettin a new job and lookin for a place to move. plus this place is DEAD!

    i have a crush on your posts, btw. :blushing:
    don't remind me, I've just begun the processing of getting over him. Blame It On The Rain is playing in my personal jukebox as I type.
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