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    the The signed?

    Just saw them last night and was looking to see if there are any signed Matt Johnson items out there, I have not seen his signature and am curious. Also any out of print the The VS the World for sale?
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    Books, T-shirt and flag

    A few more items. I have seen most of these on Ebay. I have not seen the Viva Hate flag? I know value is whatever someone is willing to pay. I would really like to sell to 1 person. I also have a bunch of magazines from this era too.
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    Books etc

    I'm not sure if I should do Ebay or offer on these items Thoughts?
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    YOR signed LP question

    What was the price at the show for the signed lp? I have looked on Ebay and only a few sold. What is the current going rate? Just curious
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    Before or after show meeting?

    Arrival tme I was hoping to meet the man. What time does he arrive at venues or does it change. Do they come early etc. any info would be appreciated. Going to see him in Cincinnati Thanks for any info
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    The seeker of good songs has given links in the past to new albums...thanks. I am going to see Marilyn Manson and am not a huge fan but would like to hear the new album. The links on the site are all no good, does anyone have a good link in the US to Dl the new album Born Villian? Thanks...
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    Gene - THE COLLECTION This looks like a good deal
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    The The

    Anyone have any opinions on the new album? I have not heard it. Any links to it anywhere? Thanks
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    Morrissey / Smiths gifts for the holiday

    Love the shirts, but are any available in long sleeve?? Thanks
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    Peepholism for sale no Ebay

    I am not listing this on Ebay yet..I wanted to see if it would sell on here for $100. it is in unread condition. If you have been looking for one or a gift for a collector this may be it. I can send more photos if necessary Thanks
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    Eminem's Recovery

    Found this, but have not had a listen
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    Matt Johnson ‘Tony: A Soundtrack’ - new album in decade

    The The Does anyone have any info on the new The The album? I have not heard it yet but would like to
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    Bauhaus Thread

    Are there any recent Peter Murphy live shows out there?:confused:
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    Refusal signed LP

    I did not know these were at the show I went to. Does anyone have an extra to sell? Thanks
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    Peter Murphy debuts new songs on radio show

    Do you have any live stuff??
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