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  • Hi M-in-Oz.... You are most welcome. Yes, it is with relief that Julia Gillard is our PM. Glad you had a good birthday! The sun's shining here in Melbourne today too.
    And we finally don't have water restrictions, so my garden will survive the summer, hopefully.
    Hi Mauve, thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a lovely day, the sun was finally shining in Adelaide & we have an elected female PM!!
    Hey Mauve,

    Great name BTW - so is your end of the line quite quiet? Mine too, I can go a while before I meet good, receptive ears! How are things for you - would chatting online help any? I found a great pal via MySpace two years ago and she became a real crutch for me through a tough time so I am totally into the 'online friend' concept. If you think uploading your shit would work, feel free. If you've already worked things through then well done :) Always here ...

    Maddy :)
    No worries!
    The Jobcentre says there are more jobs to be had now, but I have to brush up my skills in order to get a look-in for what I want.
    Hope things pick up for you soon.
    Chin up!
    Hi Mauve :)
    sorry to hear things have been difficult. I'm jobless too at present, so have been hanging around the "Threads" threads Flowers, vegetables, etc..
    Hi! Oh, thanks so much. You're too kind....
    Did you draw that's beautiful
    replied to your PM onto your LJ account and not here
    please answer there on LJ and not here cause my moz solo mailbox is full..concerning your Q about LJ i couldnt help you much Im afraid..
    greets to sunny australia*eeeeenvy*
    Hi. Things are very good down here at present, even though it is winter the sun is shining and it's really quite pleasant.
    No, I haven't seen Strange Fruit. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Hey, where are you from?
    Hello! Hope things are well Down Under!

    Have you ever seen Strange Fruit (the Australian performance artists)?

    I saw them today down at Millennium Park (Chicago) and they were amazing!! So fun. Everytime I see things like that (Cirque du Soleil), I wish I had always joined a 'circus' =o)
    Thanks :) Me too, we are a rare breed, and even rarer to meet...especially one all the way over in sunny Australia :) I think our summer is just starting, its been lovely today, so I can't really complain :)
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