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    Andy Rourke Denies Involvement in “Classically Smiths” Concerts - Pitchfork

    Hey little boy - because that's all you are isn't it? A little boy. Except you're not a very brave little boy are you? You haven't even got the guts to post with a user name on an internet forum. Do you know who came up with the name Joyce Michael? It was a chap called Steven Morrissey. If you...
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    Why do we allow anonymous posts like this?

    *Facepalm* It wasn't humorous, let alone actually funny, the first time you said it (years and years and years ago) and it certainly hasn't become funny with repetition. You're no Stewart Lee. It's actually almost more tedious than the endless posts you make about Radio 2 airplay and your...
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    Jake Shillingford discusses Morrissey

    Thanks for posting. The My Life Story orchestra provided the strings on Morrissey's Interlude. The Golden Mile is a genius album.
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    Andy Rourke Denies Involvement in “Classically Smiths” Concerts - Pitchfork

    We know for a fact that Marr is up for working with Morrissey again. Steve has just had arguably the worst two months of his career. There is therefore a pretty strong likelihood that they will work together again. There is absolutely zero likelihood that either will ever work with Joyce Michael...
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    Classically Smiths - details following cryptic tweet in MEN article

    So no Rourke? Perhaps significantly, he is the only one of the three still on good terms with Marr (and not on awful terms with Morrissey). I'm envisaging there's been a communication. 'Andy, old bean - Steve and I are probably going to perform again together in the next 18 months and we'd like...
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    Classically Smiths - details following cryptic tweet in MEN article

    What a flipping cheek! They didn't write a single note of music in the Smiths. I guess, technically, anyone would be allowed to do this. It's like another covers band. Presumably they didn't need permission from the people who composed these songs to go in and grab all this glory. On the plus...
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    Uncleskinny: Complaints?

    Well posted, Amy. Mr Skinny is kept on because he apparently keeps within the conditions of the website. But does he keep within the spirit of the website? He absolutely loathes modern-day Morrissey with the passion of the most f***ed-up troll, and he has contempt for anyone who still has the...
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    Morrissey interview (American Songwriter, Feb. 2018) posted - Official FB

    Yes, that would flag him up as an asbsolute hypocrite. Well done, moderator, for not being a sycophant and pointing this out. More power to you!
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    U2 new album enters UK chart at #5, then drops out of the top 20

    My post was tongue-in-cheek. We have an exceptionally dimwitted troll in our midst who claimed that if Morrissey couldn't outsell Willy Gallagher, he could no longer be considered an icon. I have (rather enjoyably) debunked out troll for the deluded, ignorant f***wit he truly is on many...
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    U2 new album enters UK chart at #5, then drops out of the top 20

    Is it all over for Bono and the boys? They haven't sold as many records as the new Liam Gallagher album - guess that means they are no longer icons?
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    Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube

    Johnny Marr hates Joyce Michael almost as much as Morrissey does. Neither wants nor needs to get back with him. I've got a lot of time for Marr. Seen him live 5 or 6 times. His first solo album was pretty good (3 or 4 excellent songs) but his second one was awful. You don't expect great singing...
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    If Morrissey could work with any current band to record an album?

    He doesn't really need to work with a new band or songwriters. They're the best he's had since the early 90s - so much better than the Southpaw to Years of Refusal chug-rock era. He could probably do with some help with the lyrics, though, as they often really let him down these days. The...
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    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - interview in Rolling Stone

    Oh joy of joys. Finally, we get a thoughtful, insightful, witty interview. And, at last, a comment about Bowie (and a rather sweet one at that). Thanks for posting.
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    Low In High School drops from number 5 to 46 in mid week chart

    You are an absolute f***wit on so many levels. I am forced to debunk your utter fraudulence and make a complete fool of you once again. When Morrissey played the Albert Hall the last time, the date sold out and he issued a specific message to the media. "The Albert Hall concert has sold out...
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    "Low In High School" drops from #5 to #48 in second week UK albums chart

    Well done for continuing to be the world's biggest f***witted failure. Let's examine your recent achievements. Campaign number one - blackmail Morrissey and the record company into making a statement about some pointless cardigan. Result - completely ignored. Campaign failed. Campaign number...
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