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    Morrissey statement on French election posted on Gustavo's Facebook

    Morrissey, I just wish you could stop making an absolute tit of yourself. Sad to say how once I was in love with you.
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    TTY: Morrissey Far East; pushed back until a time when there is a new recording

    Re: no Moz live dates - TTY Sounds harsh, but that was my thought also.
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    TTY: If 'Prince' William Were Black ...

    For the first time in a while I got the same feeling. "This isn't Morrissey", I thought throughout. But who knows?
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    "Vauxhall And I" aborted re-release bonus tracks

    That is really interesting information. And a bit sad at the same time. Given that there are som many "proper" unreleased versions and songs out there it seems quite a waste to create "new" extra tracks for the re-issues. And then to bin them at that.... well....
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    "Vauxhall And I" aborted re-release bonus tracks

    Thank you so much for sharing. This reminds me of how good this place used to be, back in the day. You know... when we all used to get along somewhat and the loonies stayed outside the doors.
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    Launch of the Moz Supreme T-Shirt video - Emily Oberg of Complex news interviews customers

    My List of Reasons Not To Kill Yourself just got a bit shorter.
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    "ThunderMoz" - video by Sam Esty Rayner posted on YouTube; "Kiss Me A Lot" outtakes?

    The least bad of the lot, I'd say (which of course isn't saying much...).
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    TTY: Eminem photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    What he said. It's been downhill constantly since 2007. And now we are witnessing the death of - what's left of - Morrissey.
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    Alain Whyte's signed Gretch guitar used on Morrissey songs on eBay

    We're really missing you... Wish you all the best, always, Alain.
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