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  • Im here always have been.. Well not here but I check in every so often. Its good to hear from you to.:) Hope to talk to you soon my friend.:)
    Thank you
    Happy New year to you both aswell! wow 2011! Amasing! I still cannot get over that..
    Im going to need a lot more time then this..
    But Hey I just found out that Daryle hall is 68 yrs old! Wow! what a shocker!
    I remember drooling over him!
    Yet I looked at a latest picture.. and he is still hot! hahaha
    Maybe he made an Obama move!;) hahahaha
    Hugs and heart to you both! Mick and tsk Sister Rose;) Aww I love the Champane!
    Oh I hated this one report about Obama dyeing his hair.. What a stupid report to make.
    So many other issues to address..
    Anyhow Enjoy Life Love Peace! Air the sun and the moon! Stars! people if you really must! :rolleyes: :thumb:
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