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    Morrissey feautured in the ".encyclopedia dramatica"

    vintage smiths t shirts were really "in" with silly teenagers awhile ago, i think they still are. not that i shop at hot topic, i confess ive never been to a hot topic store, but i have seen many times the clothing and accesories they make. and i did see this charming man single the other...
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    Morrissey feautured in the ".encyclopedia dramatica"

    :) you do have to admit its weird seeing a morrissey t-shirt in hot topic. it just doesnt suit him.
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    he could just release albums everyonce in a while and not tour.
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    Morrissey feautured in the ".encyclopedia dramatica"

    :D just found this yesterday. i lol'd at some parts: some stuff there is really funny, i finally met the drama llama. dot dive to much into the site anyway, it has some really disgusting stuff.
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    I did it I did it I did it!

    Cool now surf the warm industry and get to the top
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    No I in Threesome

    You were sayin'? Shot with HP Scanjet djf300 at 2007-07-25
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    No I in Threesome

    How are things on the westcoast?
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    your 5 favourite bands?

    1. Marilyn Manson 2. David Bowie 3. Sopor Aeternus 4. Queens of the stone Age 5. Elvis Costello
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    loved them saw them live hate them. the only thing i like about them now are the lyrics to the hidden song on the second album and the nancy boy alternative video.
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    Its a Shame About...

    i think joyce lawsuit was more annoying. im sure that with the gannon lawsuit morrissey was like "fine bitch, have your money" but the other one was an important factor on his ultra bitterness.
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    "I Want to Wrap My Arms Around Paris"

    he releases B-sides like crazy, specially on this era. not that all of them are good, i think this one in particular is pretty decent. christian dior is probably the worst.
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