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    Name one thing Morrissey has done for you

    he ruined my life, but I forgive him.
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    Moz spotted in Chester

    Don't have many details, but it was fairly recently, in a restaurant.
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    Quarry - Role Call (Friday 18th)

    does anyone know of a cheap hotel/B&B in the area?
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    Scandal and Passion

    I don't know if anyones interested, but I just bought David Brets 'Scandal and Passion' book on Amazon for 1p + £2.49 postage.
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    site suggestions?

    Try looking in your inbox from about 8 months ago, as you were emailed the scripts. Your response? I think you basically told us to leave the site if we didn't like it!
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    3 standing tickets for Brum needed badly

    Impossible feat? Do you think I'm likely to get them off the touts?
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    Any post-gig shenanigans after Apollo?

    The Brickhouse is the only one that I know of, but I'm sure the Star and Garter will be doing something, surely?
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