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    Websites dissing Morrissey

    If you're looking for websites dissing Morrissey then look no further than the following:- More Moz hate than you could ever wish for!
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    YOR vs The Bends vs The Stone Roses vs Aeroplane Over The Sea

    Northside better than The Chameleons? I think you've been overdoing the liquors, Phill.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 249: I'M OK BY MYSELF

    What do you mean it's 'arid'? That makes aboslutely no sense whatsoever. And I agree with 'Dave' that criticising a song for having 'an overly simplistic title' is pathetic. Even Q magazine wouldn't stoop to criticising him for the simplicity of the f***ing song title. In my opinion, the song...
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon

    Re: OMG!! Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon I've had texts from 2 people who are there. They say he defo collapsed and he was carried off. After a while a roadie came on to say he was seriously ill and had left the building.
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    The Morrissey Michael Jackson Phenomenon

    At least MJ's fans will be full of sorrow and sympathy today. The people on this forum would be frothing at the mouth and typing non-stop abuse if Morrissey had the audacity to die before completing a scheduled tour.
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    It may disturb you but..

    I suppose only Moz will know whether the song is about a friend, lover, ex-band member etc. In my humble opinion though this is one of the greatest ever Moz songs. Its a great album closer and a perfect song to finish on during the YOR tour. It's just disappointing that at the concerts i've been...
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    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    A more convincing argument would have been to list any decent lyrics she's done. I heard one playing in HMV the other day, She was spouting on in that ridiculous put-on voice and singing something about lying in the wet patch and moaning about giving head for ages and not getting anything...
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    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    I agree with you, it was an excellent point. You're warming to YOR with every post that passes in this thread. Come page 8 of this thread you'll be tracking Alexis Petridis down and bludgeoning him to death. 'But there is nothing i can do to make you mine.. and i don't need you and i never...
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    There's got to be some benefits to living here.
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    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    In a while the rest of YOR will have grown on you too. Don't worry though, you can always look forward to slating the next album as soon as any details are released.
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    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    I'll repeat myself - Overall i think as a Mozzer album its very good, but compared to the majority of other album releases around, it's great. And that is my main bugbear. You and others may think that 3 out of 5 stars in a review is a decent appraisal because they think Vauxhall should be 4...
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    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    Is that an Oscar Wilde quip? Sweet dreams.
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    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    Why would I? It would be in a hip hop style and therefore materially different from the original. I'm Ok by Myself by Jay-Z probably wouldn't work if you ask me. Your analogy was a bit shit really. I have no idea who Scroobius Pip is. Maybe i'm missing out. No it's not. It still...
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