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    2012.4.23-Zepp Tokyo, Japan

    Hopefully this link works for you. Enjoy!
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    Thank you!
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    2012.4.27-Blue Live Hiroshima, Japan

    Thanks for sharing! Downloading now, and looking forward to listening. (Very much enjoyed the other recording you shared, too.)
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    2012.4.23-Zepp Tokyo, Japan

    Thank you!! Downloading now... look forward to listening. :)
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    08.07.2011 - Middlesborough, Town Hall - FLAC

    Thank you ThomasG for sharing.... and EDGE for posting the files. :) Downloading now...
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    morrissey interview december 23rd 1986 flac

    Thanks for sharing! Always love listening to Janice Long's interviews of him... he's always much more playful in them. :)
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    04 March 2012 Buenos Aires - Geba

    Thank you once again, mimiko, for sharing the tapes for the shows. Really looking forward to downloading and listening. :thumb:
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    03 March 2012 Rosario - Metropolitano Audio

    And thanks again, mimiko! Look forward to downloading. :)
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    01 March 2012 Cordoba-Audio

    Thanks, mimiko! :thumb:
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    17.12.2011 - Chicago, Congress Theatre - FLAC

    Thanks for sharing! Had almost given up hope that a recording of this show would surface.... look forward to listening! :thumb:
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    Viña Del Mar Festival 2012 - Video

    Re: Viña Del MarFestival 2012 - Video Thank you for your efforts, I.R.!! Much appreciated. :thumb:
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    Beautiful! Thanks, drifter! :) (Don't think I've ever come across video of the famous PVC suit... very cool.)
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    Dairy-free and gluten-free diet

    Hi. Good luck with your new dairy and gluten free diet. Luckily it is a bit "trendy" right now so there is a lot to find even at a regular grocery store. I have been dairy free for quite awhile and my husband is allergic to wheat, so we eat a lot of gluten free foods as well. Finding foods...
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