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    Years of Refusal vs Chinese Democracy?

    Lol, Chinese Democracy will probably never come out.
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    Morrissey's demands list for Israel concert

    That was Van Halen but they only specified that because they knew if there were brown M&Ms in the bowl, the venue hadn't read the rider closely enough and there'd almost inevitably be other, more serious problems with the setup.
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    What football team does Moz now follow?

    LOL, you've obviously never lived here. United fans vastly outnumber City fans in Manchester.
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    Johnny Marr

    Some really good observations on this thread. What's he's like personally I dont really care but professionally speaking I think he's by far the most talented of any of the so called 'indie' guitarists of the last 25 years. Most of his guitar work for The Smiths was simply stunning and is...
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    A Taste of Honey

    Is that really true??
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    1998 total guitar article and tabs

    I still have this. Good musical articles on The Smiths are few and far between. The transcription is excellent. Total Guitar was a first rate magazine in those days. Alas, it's absolute crap now....
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    Boz Boorer wrote to me :-))))

    He always seems a class act. Good musician too.
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    Do people reckon that this would make a good 'Best of The Smiths and Morrissey' disc?

    Re: Do people reckon that this would make a good 'Best of The Smiths and Morrissey' d All the playlists are great but I HATE the concept. The only other person I know who has done this is Sting. Eek.....
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    Friday night and Saturday night...

    I'm just sick that I had an *unavoidable* family do on the Saturday so couldn't go both nights. Gonna be so long until Morrissey plays in Manchester again!
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    Mikey and his trumpet!

    I don't think he has much talent for the trumpet/trombone at all IMHO. Very bad intonation I think.
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    Req: Gmex 22nd

    I was moping at the back and the sound was A1 perfect. I wish I'd bootlegged it. Hopefully a good one will surface soon enough. Amazing show- Ive changed my plea and Anybody's Hero were massive highlights for me. How will we survive without another tour in the near future????
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    Pics from GMEX last night...

    These are brilliant pictures. Did u take them urself? If so, well done. Great show last night. Would be going again tonight but have a family function to attend :-(
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    ROTT...Your Final Verdict?

    With the obvious provisos that any Morrissey album is streets ahead of anything else out there and, of course, IMHO.... It's very average overall. Boring even in places. You can see my comments in the 'Tobias Thoughts' thread but to echo them here, he brought very little to the table in terms...
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    Tobias Thoughts...

    He's a very limited songwriter. Almost all of his guitar parts on ROTT are bog standard 4:4 rock. It gets old very quickly- there's no novelty there at all and only occasionally much of a hook. He had a half decent hit with You Have Killed Me but even that wore out quickly, sounds stolid live...
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    Is Morrissey conservative?

    Is he conservative? Yes. Is he Conservative? No.
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