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    Morrissey speaks Spanish?

    Back to your question, Raphael ... I don´t think he really does. Perhaps a few words he learned over the years. I remember there is an interview with Gustavo and Alejandro Kapacevich. He says "As I speak Spanish...", suggests that Morrissey doesn`t. Can´t find the original text, but here is an...
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    TTY: Morrissey Europe and South America

    Think You are talking from Ljubiljana? Fan pit: direct in front of the stage Standing: behind fan pit Vip: isn´t available for these concert Seating: right and left blocks choose engl. language and have a look at the "interactive seatmap" ;-)
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    TTY: Morrissey Europe and South America

    Budapest: e-print-tickets Frankfurt: don´t know yet ;-)
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    TTY: 4 European Morrissey planned for October (Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia)

    Agree, its a last big, but unlimited world tour. He will not retire. Remember: "The microphone will be my headstone." What does it mean? :tears: boohoo What does it mean? Go to so many concerts as You can! :love:
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    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    If ticketmaster doesn´t work/ sold out, try There are still stall standings.
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    What do you think (re: Jesse)

    My explanation: People dislike him, because he is not Johnny Marr.
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    Morrissey interview in El Pais (Apr. 26, 2015, Spanish)

    Et voilà! Morrissey: "The pop no longer contains intellectual demands" The controversial British musician returns to Spain to perform in Barcelona and Murcia Morrissey, headlining the eighth SOS 4.8 Festival in Murcia Few significant things have happened since the controversial...
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    Lift Barcelona to Murcia

    Is there anybody who can give us a lift from Barcelona to Murcia? 30. April or early 01. May for two persons. Would be nice to meet kind peope, share petrol costs and hear good music.
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    Adorable laughing Morrissey

    Perhaps it´s already been posted before, but this video is really unmissable.
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    TTY: Glastonbury Festival is not animal friendly

    That´s true, it doesn´t matter in this thread, exept Morrissey took your viginity (what has to be proven as well)
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    We are all accustomed to BB executions here, our threshold of pain has vast expances in the meanwhile. But after the proceedings in the past few days, he´s completely megalomaniac and batshit freaked out.
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    Re: Article: "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY You are right. The november-video is defenitely the very best, because of it´s incredible sex-appeal. And Ouija board. When the table is rumbling, I also fall from the chair. But we are´nt really...
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    Not only literally, published on Sam´s facebook-page, deleted a few minutes ago: Unbelievable.
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    Strangeways - "Morrissey SSE Hydro After-Show"

    I agree 100%. I had so much fun, seeing, meeting, dancing and singing with other adorers. Thanks for that great night, special thanks for let me in ;-)
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    Searching 1 Ticket for The Admiral Bar After-Show-Party 21/03 Glasgow

    I´m looking for a ticket for the Strangeways After-show-party at the Admiral-Bar in Glasgow. Travelling alone, it would be nice to have entrance for the party after the gig. If there´s anybody who has left an admission, please let me know. Thanks.
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