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  • HI Cossy,
    Going to Galway and just can't wait!
    My Mum's from Galway, know the city well, like a 2nd home.
    Morrissey in Leisureland!! Manchester?? I'm jealous!!
    Happy New Year Luxie!!!! Yes!!!! All my dreams are coming true!! I've decreed that 2009 I'll see Morrissey live wherever in the world!!! :D

    May 2009 my dear be the best year of your life!!!!


    Ceci :)
    Oh mY dear Luxi... I would have sworn that I replied to you, but I see I didn't!... It's better late than never, I'm sorry!!! You know how much I appreciate you.... I hope YOU are doing fantastic! I am!... Merry Xmas and a wonderful spectacular 2009!!! :D Huuuugs!!!
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