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  • I really thought about it but I'm sticking with just East Coast dates and maybe some California shows. In other words, anywhere that I can a free room :)
    Lottie! I didn't know it was your bday today. Have a happy, full-of-presents one! I'm lost because I've been in December for about 2 weeks ;)
    :D I realized you and I weren't friends, and also Sistasheila,2 of the people I talk to the most :p
    My avatars are your avatars :)
    Just thought i'd tell you somethings on its way :D *fingers crossed for good postmen*
    sorry my mailbox is full let me answer here sorry for being bitchy but your first mail sounded pretty harsh in my ears... ..i will now promise to credit her more for her work than i did before-AND I DID! numerous times...
    ..but you dont expect that i do this at every gif now, right..
    but i do see the point..yes that was funny 2 mails from two frinksters concerning the same issue...lol..she is your brain twin..lolz soo enough lolz
    .no hard feelings then?:sweet: good
    have a nice day...
    oi! Nice cake. did you bake it? Life is nothing much to lose. That's how it is. How about you?
    hell yeah :) sorry if i sounded ungrateful, didnt mean to :) i never got a real cake, so it was nice to see :)
    Well, *I* have been online for a few hours now :p Too busy counting the seconds until you see Moz?
    I shall i shall, and i'll save you a bit of DNA if i get my hands on any... you lot'll get to see him in the fall im sure of it. :)
    Holy Smokes! Lottie! How are you? I forgot we share a b-day. That's pretty sweet. I'm very glad you get to see him this summer but I must admit I am jealous too. I expect a full report. Enjoy it you lucky duck!!!
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