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    Hi Lottie, I met you outside the troxy a couple of weeks ago - I was the 15 yr old Moz fan with the fainting friend. Anyway, I just wanted to say 'hi' cos I thought you were pretty cool company in the queue, and very knowledgable on all things Moz :)

    I was so happy to get a handshake, and glad that someone had captured it and put it on youtube :D It was a great first Moz gig for me and I'm trying to save up for a gig in Oct/Nov.

    I hope you managed to see Morrissey come out into his car after the gig - we had to go before he did. And I heard that the Brixton nights were much better than the Troxy - so glad you would have had a good time at them too.

    Maybe see you in other queue in a few months. I realise this is probably a bit weird coming to you from a 15 year old that you met once, but still, was nice to meet you.

    Have a great summer x
    LOVE the video-yes he sounds great saying the F word ;) and loved that he said "Very good" :D before placing the sign at the drums.

    I'm SO bummed nobody captured "our" moment when he said "You are too frinky. What does that mean?!" :horny::guitar:
    Lottie - so glad you liked the DVD, it's probably the best I've done yet, but there's always more to come. Just got tickets for Sheffield, from a saint on solo, so if you're there, I'll meet up with you. Cheers, Mal - xx -
    Lottie, I miss queueing, :S , Am I crazy??? , take care girl, was really nice to met you , hugs
    Hello there Lottie
    I would have loved to have met you. Are you at Manchester on Friday? If so, I'll PM you my mobile no. I have some very good photos and some great video footage. If you wish, I'll send you a DVD that's uncompressed. Cheers, Mal.
    Hey Lottie.

    I saw you at the Cambridge show, congrads for getting the sign to Moz. I thought it was an excellent show. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the show, regardless of the heckling.

    Tom x
    (p.s I was the one who was a few places behind you in the queue. Tall Skinny, 18, Black roundhouse shirt, probably don't remember me as we didn't speak)
    :guitar: WAY TO GO, girl!!! *proud* :thumb:

    All I can picture is the word FRINKY in his back pocket :) Nice visual :horny:
    Hellooo, Lottie. It's 'blondie with the green Smiths shirt' from Cambridge here. Hope you're happily nursing your bruises. :)
    Ohhh, please Lottie, maybe that's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so please don't miss it! Tell him from me that this Cecilia girl from Chile loves him madly... I'll be anxious waiting for your report about the Frink sign and you personal meeting with him! Enjoy that for me!!! :D
    Thank you Lottie!!!! Dear dear dear Lottie!! Please, I'd be more than happy if you posted some frink for me... Today I could barely stand seeing that pic from 2006... He can't be so beautiful. I remained totally crazy the whole day... Thank you soooooo much!! I'm so happy that we share this passion ;) Hugs!!!
    ach i have got all my tickets, apart from Salisbury one. I'm fecking furious it has not arrived yet!! GRR GRR goddamn SEESCUM!!.
    eeeee! shame its not charming man when Jord grabs him & refuses to let go of his hand but you cant have it all ways! Only a week and 2 days yay!!! Still not got me Glasgow tix tho! Have you got all yours yet?
    oh and i'll pm you my phone number, you can always ring me, (ive got THPGU) id prefer the shouting though, it'd be funnier. ;-)
    arghhh dont even THINK that!! not even in your darkest moments.,..
    lets make sure we make it the BEST, just in case though, my goals are too..
    lick his neck
    get a hug/kiss from him
    get a whole shirt
    and ultimately make him realise he cant live without me and has to whisk me away.
    No way am I standing in front of 50 people yelling 'Lottieeeeeee'. I had to meet a friend once & I didnt know what kind of car he drove so I'm on a street in Manchester bending down to look in all the car windows to see if its him and this guy in a British Rail uniform asked me how much. I wouldnt mind, I was wearing docs, leggings and the baggiest Moz shirt ever (I'm going back a few years....) so I have a bit of a phobia about that kind of thing!! Anyway, you know what I look like and my daughter from the TCM vid and we will be with a bloke with a quiff all in denim probably (I guess that doesnt narrow it down at a Moz concert). So grab me while we still have the time.... :) God, what if its the last tour? Wish I'd not said that now, the whole Brixton / last gig thing has really got to me even though he denied it.
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