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  • Yes i often don't feel the urge to walk down to Oxford to post a letter:p.
    yeah they do lose important things! And they messed around with a Morrissey record- how dare they!
    i don't like the royal mail but sadly there is no other optition:(. They went a lot of my sister's personal information like her birth certifcate. I want to protest against the royal mail. I would send them an e-mail but as you know their website is as good as their service.
    Well if i didn't live 400 miles away i would help you:p. Maybe next time i i'm down your way i could help you put that up instead of looking at encaged peacocks;).:p.

    Oh that sound nice:D.
    I think you should film yourself trying to out it up so i can laugh at you:p.
    My LOTFIPB poster is seriously big but it was worth it so have a picture of Moz with his top off across from my bed:p.
    Ha ha oh i know the situation all too well. I have slanted walls which makes it even worse. My poster i have that is bigger than me was almost impossibel to get up. I got a big bit og celotape and taped it to where the wall met the ceiling and just let it hang:p.
    Yeah i posted that picture to you on bebo on day and i though "Oh i really like that picture i shall make it my solo background". I am still in love with the "Marry me" pic:D.
    Yes i am sure there isn't much room on your walls. Still tired out after the fight you had with the poster and your wall earlier.
    I bet you wake up in the middle of the night with Morrissey in your face:p
    Horrificly well, ta! I'm going to see Mozzer in Cork, but I can't get into the Dublin gig because it's over 18's, so I'm going to stalk him!!!!!!! Will you be up to anything?
    Might go on bebo and leave you a nice we Morrissey pic then:p
    I only have 26 mins left and this computer is really slow and the screen is really big.

    I'm going to go on a bit of a Cv handing out spree soon after i go to subway though- i love thosue Veggie delights:p
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