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  • hi Annette

    great to have you back on SOLO, and as
    me friend, is that you on the pic?

    you look lovely

    anyway hope everything is Ok, dunno if yer from
    the UK or USA, but if UK you might be seeing
    one of his upcoming UK gigs

    I'm a bit hoping he;s doing a few fesstaivals on the mainland of Europe
    but no mention of any yet

    thanks for yer mail

    keep handsome


    The Smiths Reunite And Take Over Social Group UPDATE - There has been two new topics posted :)
    Hey...I want to move back to New England...not meant for the southern thing . :) Haven't been back to ireland, but we will eventually.
    thanks for the friendship add

    your to kind, I'm flaterred

    your nick is familiar too :)

    I always likes these things take time

    and the hills are alive with the sound of music, so talent borrows, genuis steals

    I guess you are aware of the musical movie, the Von Trapp's who get
    a nanny

    Morrissey changes it in the hills arealive with celibate cries
    great line

    I'm real celibate,not capable to have a relationship with love etc

    just friends, its as far as I can.

    45 clumsy and shy

    thanks anyway for adding me, Launginannette

    yer Dutch?, well I am...not that Alma Matters/important

    mhh sorry to be so dumb, can't write what I want to
    Zanesville?!!! How can you not like Zanesville? Tony Orlando is coming to do a concert there in October - something for you to look forward to! And all that pottery! lol Oh yes, I was at the aisle, main floor, about 2/3 of the way back.
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