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  • 114,000 views already- good work! :D And I'm good thanks, if a bit hungover (just started uni and have been out all but one night in the past week). I just followed you on Twatter, btw :thumb:. xx
    Haven't spoken to you in ages (well, like 2 months, although to be fair I haven't been on here very much recently). How're things? x
    Oh I know, so fickle. Personally I wish all this nonsense would just go and we could focus on properly discussing new material and future releases. Who wants to bitch and moan about stuff that shouldn't really bother us? It's just everone chucking their two pence in the hat I think, trying to make out their point is more valid then the last when nobody will really care when his new album comes out. I obviously think the anonymous posters and trolls need to go, and to just tighten up the place a bit then they would not be as much friction.

    To some people though this website is their life and that is pretty sad.
    Oh well, I shant be joining then. I think to be honest eveyone's making a mountain out of a molehill, it all seems a bit bandwagon what some of the people are saying they're either ferociously on the side of Moz or Davidt, and saying really over the top statements, no one will even care in 2 months time!
    To be fair, being on this forum is draining enough, I can't be arsed memorising another password! I've actually done a couple of real mock up sleeves for the Scandinavia thread if you want to pore over those and give devout praise? No i'm only kidding!
    Maybe I will soon! It was funny creating them sleeves though, the pixilated cock though was funny because it was an actual erect mans penis (I wouldn't use an animals, I'm not a maniac) and cropping it was just hilarious, just using that on something so childish and spurious. Haha! Why not have a go yourself? Maybe on MS paint to give it real D.I.Y effect!
    Ah, nostalgia. :lbf: I still think he was robbed for not winning. I tried to watch BB last summer, but it was so shit I gave up after about a week. xx
    It seems funny that you mention those two because wherever I read a thread I see them dicks, thinking they own the place when they've been here for about two months or something, they've obviously just joined to sling shit about and cause a bit of friction, they must sit on here all day and post their pseudo-intellectual dross on every thread possible. I don't think I could get away with doing them kind of sleeves now! I was in the zone that day and I don't think I could ever capture that magic again! In all seriousness though I do enjoy doing the odd mock up of actual possible Smiths/Morrissey LP sleeves or book covers. Maybe I should do some more? Haha, I'm not doing anything important over the weekend (as ususal)
    Ha ha, why did you think I was a troll? Well I'm not, don't worry, This forum is mad now though it used to be a laugh, but everything is just so analysed and picked over now it's become really tiresome, what Photoshop sleeves are you refering to? The daft one's or the serious ones? :)
    Yes, it is very petty. I kind of understand people being turned off, but some of them do go on. I have mixed opinions on the new stuff personally; I really like 'Action' and 'Scandinavia' (well, what I've heard of it), 'The Kid's A Looker' is good in places but could do with polish, but 'People...' does bore me after repeated listens. It's the music more than the lyrics that bother me at the moment, but that said I can generally hear the potential. xx
    True, I can see why a lot of people use it, maybe it's just not regulated enough (or I'm uber-sensitive). To be honest I think the people making massive brou-ha-has about how much they hate the site (MuteWitness, for example) do more harm than good. I've complained a fair bit on here before, but not to that extent. And yeah, banning him is taking things a bit far I think- the whole situation could have been handled so much better, even Moz he does really dislike David being there.
    Yeah, I find it really stupid when people try and force themselves to like stuff just because Morrissey does as well; it just seems like a complete waste of energy to me. I don't mind criticism on here so much, and the majority of people are ok in that respect, it's more the stupid anonymous stuff on the main page that galls me (and the very vocal minority of annoying arseholes who spend every minute of their day on here). xx
    True, no age by any standards really. This place is a bit gloomy at the moment, isn't it? I had to post a funny link in off-topic to cheer myself up. I know, I know "why do you come heeere..." etc. :D
    I kn0w- but I thought a gentleman never revealed his true age? Or something like that- maybe it's ladies. Bit hard to keep up with outdated social etiquette when your birthdate is there for all to see though. :p xx
    Haha. Time goes so fast; it's odd to think my 20s aren't so far away (bit scary as due to my ineptitude with money and generally navigating the world I don't feel like I'll ever be a proper, responsible adult :D). xx
    Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad it made you happy. :) I think there just isn't that much of the old people here lately. I haven't seen Girl-with-the-Thorn in a while, and two other people have said they are leaving here. :(
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