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  • I'm sorry but I can't copy or burn dvd with my computer. I send your message to a friend of mine ; )
    sorry for asking you out of the blue....but....
    do you have any idea of how to copy a dvd?
    i have to cCOPY not burn a dvd for someone
    so must i put BOTH the orginal and the plain dvd in both of these cd trays in THE computer "tower" or fitst the orginal then out and isert the blank dvd(its a nero programme -do youn use that too?
    :there exist 2 trays maybe one comaptible for audio cds and the other only for dvds?
    im not sure if the one on top is the dvd tray or cd tray..
    or does it work differently and i d first have to put in the orginal go to copy then put out the orginal dvd and then put in the blank dvd?
    sorry but you see i have zero clue when it comes to computers thnks for helping me
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