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    Morrissey with a hearing aid

    Whenever Morrissey is talked about (circa 1980s, Smiths era), a 'hearing aid' is always mentioned. But I've never seen any photos of Moz with a hearing aid from that era. Anyone got any pics? Cheers! :squiffy:
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    do you think morrissey is gay, straight or bi?

    I hate people who hate people who make threads to ask questions like this. "What does it matter?!" Bla bla bla....yawwwwwwwn. He is gay. He was just far too embarrassed, too shy, too paranoid and too self-consciousness to ever "admit it". And at this stage of his life and career it's too late...
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    i like stephen street

    I prefer Maudlin Street.
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    Should Kewpie Be Sacked As A Moderator?

    Not only do I want Kewpie sacked, I want her publicly hanged. And then put on a guillotine for dessert. It's a wonderful dream....
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    Postcard from Morrissey

    Is Kewpie not dead yet? If I remember rightly, that's what I wished for in the Your one Morrissey wish for 2010. Someone assassinate her for god's sake.
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    Morrissey's balding

    I suspect he's had a hair transplant at some point. Or he's on the hairloss drug, PROPECIA. It can help thicken or slow down baldness.
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    Your one Morrissey wish for 2010

    My one wish is that Kewpie dies. I haven't been here long and don't know too much about this loathsome person, but from what I've seen, I find him/her excruciatingly annoying.
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    Moz Christmas Sweater

    Re: scam spammer Scam because they spammed on the main page? :crazy: Was that a failed attempt at poetry? Don't tell me what to do, Kewpie. I'll buy from who I want. I've bought from them before and it wasn't a scam.
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    Moz Christmas Sweater

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    The Morrissey influences

    I got into Alan Bennett because of Moz.
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    Morrissey intoxicated?

    Re: Hmmmmm Maybe he's an angry drunk, instead of a playful one.
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