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  • Hello my new friend! Hope all is well with you . . . we coulda been at Moz tonight. I'm not bitter.
    Thanks for the friends request and PM! Like I said it's nice to have someone who gets it!

    I'm sorry. This is super embarrassing.:o I thought you were someone else around here playing a joke upon me. There are a few strange people hanging around and believe me I'm not one of the worst.

    I can not apologize in person but I send you an imaginary cupcake.;)

    If that's any consolation, without knowing it, you were part of the best Lost episode you've ever known. And of course the Lost person is...Me. And someone else.

    All the best for the frog hunt.

    Don't let that bad episode put you off Solo, it's a good site full of lovely members.

    Sorry again.:o

    (PS/ I can not tell you whose fault it is, besides mine, but I'm dying to.:rolleyes:)
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