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    Keane Live At Glastonbury, 2004

    This man speaks the truth Red Hot Chillis are crap too!;)
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    Pulp - Different Class

    Pulp are a brilliant band! Different Class is superb Did anyone see Jarvis Cocker doing those solo songs on E4 this morning?
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    What earphones do you use on your iPods??

    the ones I got free with the iPod
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    What are peoples views on Vegetarianism, seriously?

    Calling people who eat meat pathetic, silly, feeble-minded etc. just proves that you're a nutter
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    Lily Allen takes on the NME!

    Don't mind Lily Allen but why do the NME champion that talentless fat horror from the Gossip?
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    Keane Live At Glastonbury, 2004

    People will say "if you don't like Keane keep your mouth shut" But Keane are so dull, crap and boring (music for nine year olds) that its well worth saying
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    What are peoples views on Vegetarianism, seriously?

    The Crime of the Century rarely have I seen anyone post so much nonsense! I eat meat cos I like it, I respect vegetarians but don't want to be one myself, all that talk of 'power trips' 'arrogant selfishness' etc. 50 quid says your only a veggie cos of 'Lord' Morrissey- that shows a...
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    Songs you like but shouldn't?

    best song ever is All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie
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    Why Don't You Name That Tune....

    The Stone Roses - Fools Gold The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in Engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin
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    the only ones

    yes good tune that
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    Your Personal Top 5 Albums Of All Time

    When people post a thread saying 'Top 5' why do people feel the need to put more than 5? The Stone Roses- The Stone Roses The Beatles - Revolver Super Furry Animals - Radiator My Bloody Valentine - Loveless The Clash - London Calling
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    Who will win the Premiership this season?

    Unfortunately Chelsea have so much more strength in depth than anyone else so I think they will win it even if Man United beat them next time they play
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    Morrissey Does Not Vote

    How on earth are the BNP going to win the 330 seats needed to win them the election? Your stance is admirable but it aint gonna happen thankfully They got 1.5% where I live and that was with loads of advertising (most of it got ripped down and nick Griffin got shitloads of abuse when he dared...
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    Killers frontman wishes he could have Morrissey's mystique

    also he has a shit fake tan he looks ridiculous
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