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    I Wanted to Believe in Morrissey (Or His Music, at Least) - Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu (2017)

    Yes, exactly! I <3 Xiu Xiu/Jamie so much. Not everyone's cup of tea but there's no need for all the slagging on here. Typical, I suppose. There a fair few musicians like this who are huge Morrissey/Smiths fans who don't necessarily try to sound like it. Parenthetical Girls and Former Ghosts and...
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    Jim French, whose photo was used for "Hand In Glove", dead at 85

    COLT STUDIOS FOUNDER JIM FRENCH DIES - Antebellum Blog I don't know if this will interest anyone, but Jim French died recently at the age of 85 (the link includes some NSFW images). His work graced the cover of "Hand in Glove", its model still (apparently?) shrouded in mystery.
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    Jack Lowden on playing Morrissey - uInterview video

    I think he means relatable as well. The allure of Morrissey's lyrics owes a great deal to the connection anyone can make with those real or imagined experiences. If they can pull a fraction of that into this film and how We Are All Morrissey, I will be pleased. Tick, tock.
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    There were several people around me sitting down or looking away, but I didn't catch anyone leaving from my viewpoint near the front right. Methinks the author was using a little creative license there. The young teen in front of me was all in for it and Ganglord, probably her first Morrissey...
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    I don't disagree, at all; I was merely using it in reply to someone else who seemed "concerned". We won't be rid of him that easily! :sunglasses:
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    I honestly doubt this is the last show ever. Hasn't he teased that before? Besides, he loves to tour too much (to the detriment of his own health, seemingly!), and I feel like the bit before Crashing Bores was meant more in jest than any hint at retirement.
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    In Morrissey's defense, Dallas show goers are habitually late and lazy about show times. They seem to think the show will wait for them, bless 'em!
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    That sounds about right. I was thinking I'd seen it somewhere in the 2008/9 tours, but I recall it at the first Coachella. Passions seems to hold true to your accounting.
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    I was happily surprised by that one! I don't think he's played it in awhile?
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    Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre (Apr. 15, 2017) post-show

    I don't know if it's because the bar was set at "please just show up and play a full set", but this was a terrific show. Possibly in my top five. Personal highlights, in no order: Crashing Bores Last Night I Dreamt Ouija Board Jack The Ripper He seemed in particularly good spirits, lots of...
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    Dallas pre-show meetup?

    Strangeways is indeed named after the album. The owner is a huge fan, and it's typically a good crowd. Great food, amazing beer selection. There's also Movement Britpop Club tonight at Lee Harvey's just south of downtown. Not Morrissey-centric but always likely to play some Moz and Smiths in...
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    Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston officially postponed

    Dallas went on pre-sale at noon. Regular sale goes on at 3 PM Central. I had no idea, if not for the swift action of a good friend.
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    Previously unseen photograph and Morrissey 25: Live release details -

    One of my favorite Morrissey shots of the last decade, from an issue of GQ a few years ago IIRC. Have it framed and hanged next to a photo of Amy Sedaris holding a fake turkey.
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    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    The Morrissey/Smiths comparisons were what initially drew me to Gene (so I must thank those journos for that at least), but it didn't take more than a couple of listens to the first singles to realize that comparison was thin at best, the need of the press to spin any band or performer as if...
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    US tour dates announced

    The last person I spoke to said the "facing suite" was the basic set-up but they also seemed to be trying to rearrange the people seated in the CC section that the website was selling. As long as our tickets are where we've been told, I think we'll all be happy. It's not a very large venue at...
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