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  • Hi :)

    Hahaha, better take your time to venture frink thread.
    It's nearly two years posts, frink over-load will harm your health! :p
    Hi again,

    Thank you again. I did study art for a year at college but I've drawn in my spare time, as a hobby since I was 13 or 14 so I think all that practice has helped me a lot.

    I really hope you share your Morrissey drawing on the thread. I love to see it.

    Tbevie. :)
    Hi Kerestinaz,

    Sorry for not responding sooner. I haven’t checked my private messages in a while. :)

    Thank you very much. I'd love to see your Morrissey sketch. I would be great if you could share it in the Artwork thread. I manly use pencil and charcoal to do my drawings.

    Hope to speak to you again soon,

    Take care, Tbevie.
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