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May 17, 2013
Aug 28, 2008
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I'm afraid I'm very far from you!
slave of my madness (and it only hurts because it'

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vain creature, from I'm afraid I'm very far from you!

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May 17, 2013
    1. dunya
      I upload a picture to Flickr, or similar photo hosting site.
      I right-clicking on the photo and then "copy the location" of the image.

      Then I open the message I want to make on Solo.
      There is an icon which you click to insert a picture in the post. When you click on it , it asks you to enter the location of the image. I then "paste" the image location from Flickr, and enter.

      Usually I preview message, because I'm unsure I got it right, and it doesn't always work.

      Hope that helps. You might find a description using the "search" function..
    2. Franzanna
      Hehe, good night! :)
    3. Franzanna
      Busy clippers? :p

      It is for Religious Studies. I am really bad at it. :p I got 47% last year for my final exam of the year. :p
    4. Franzanna
      Oh dear! :( Busy busy busy for you, then? :p

      Hehe, that doesn't surprise me. :rolleyes:
    5. Franzanna
      Awww, that's a shame. :( Do you often have to work on Sundays?

      Uhh, she didn't come to see me today, so I couldn't do it again. She told me and some other people to meet her today so that we could take it again, but she didn't come.
    6. Franzanna
      Aw, that's a shame. It's nearly the weekend though. Or do you have to work then as well? :(

      Ah, I did badly in a test, so the teacher made me retake it today in my lunch time. But then she didn't come so I could retake it! :mad: I didn't even want to do it again - the teacher made me. :(
    7. Franzanna
      I am okay, thank you, although I was annoyed earlier about a test. How are you? :)
    8. Franzanna
      Neither can I! :p It's annoying, isn't it? I can't look at the forums, either - I can see the homepage and member's profiles, but that's it.
    9. Franzanna
      I'm not too bad thank you. Yourself? Are you having problems looking at much on Morrissey-Solo too?
    10. Franzanna
      Ahh, thank you. :) I don't read comic books, no.

      Goodnight! Have a nice day tomorrow. :)
    11. Franzanna
    12. Franzanna
      It's 9.00 p.m. here in England. :) Where are you?

      I think I have some drawings in the Morrissey Artwork Thread, I shall look for them for you. :)
    13. Franzanna
      I didn't eat much at lunch, so maybe that's why.
      If I don't put much effort in, my drawings can be really bad, but that is why I do put effort in. :p I know how it feels when you draw the eyes too close together, or the legs too short - it's really annoying, and you feel that you have to get it perfect so you rub it out until it smudges. :( Ah well, it tends to turn out well, right? :)
    14. Franzanna
      Hi, that's fine. I'm alright, except at the moment I have a stomach ache. It should get better soonish, though. I like your artwork. :)
    15. Franzanna
      Hi, I'm sorry I didn't get back sooner, I was in Italy. How are you?
    16. Kewpie
    17. dunya
      Sure...I'll give it a go.
      Though translating poetry is difficult. The subtle message as well as the direct ones.

      look forward to the next one.
    18. dunya
      Hi. Thanks for the link. The pictures are great, and though the translation is patchy I get the sense of it.
    19. Kewpie
      Hi Keresitnaz,

      Thank you very much for sending me the link of your beautiful video.
      You're really talented, the video gives another dimention to the song.
      Keep creating good work. :)
    20. Bigmouth
      thanks for the link... it was quite artistic; in a good way
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    I'm afraid I'm very far from you!
    slave of my madness (and it only hurts because it'
    I'm the Ghost of the Streets, A demon in my head. Maybe I'm the mean alter ego of a better someone

    Morrissey, alma, writing, reading, music, drawning, comics


    Deep pain
    Plenty of agony