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    Morrissey Central "AND STILL THEY ARRIVE … AND ARRIVE … AND ARRIVE" (August 18, 2020)

    Nice to see the unopened boxes have been put out on display now ... still a few on the left near the gate to do . Its all a very beautiful show of love and respect that i imagine is giving the family some comfort in sad times. X
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    Morrissey Central "The End" (August 14, 2020)

    I think johnny will send his condolences either in person or by other means but will keep that between him & Moz , as it should be ! Would like to think he would attend the funeral too.
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    Morrissey Central "The End" (August 14, 2020)

    Thats a great song , the whole album is a suicide note pretty much but full of such dry humour that i think the people around him didnt see it . The story is so tragic !
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    Morrissey Central ELIZABETH DWYER DIES (August 14, 2020)

    Sincere condolences to Morrissey and all his family at this difficult time . My thoughts are with them
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    Think that was next to me ... Short arse late 40's brown hair ? ( that's not me btw )
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    Morrissey Central "THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN TO NEWCASTLE HMV !" (March 2, 2020)

    You are half right anonymous It is my display , like all music shops there is a variety of tastes instore and we have enough room to indulge our own personal tastes to a point, as i have done in this instance . At the moment we have displays for britpop / hiphop / grime / female singers Best...
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    Paul Heaton slags off Morrissey and praises Marr in new song

    Housemartins were a great little group Beautiful South likewise were very good Heaton is a clever songwriter and clearly a talented guy ( 'Have Fun' from Blue is the colour is beautifully sad ) ... i find his stuff generally a bit twee but he is similar to moz in that he writes barbed pop...
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    Mporium (UK/US): New T-shirt design/bundle for IANADOAC (February 14, 2020)

    I bought the breton striped style tshirt with the bicycle chest logo last year when it was on for €10 and it was great quality ... it was a slim shape one ( i got xxl to accomodate ..haha ) so was not a bog standard tshirt but i was quite impressed ( was 35 quid originally mind ) .daughter got...
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    Morrissey Central "WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES … DO YOU SEE?" (January 3, 2020)

    The kenny lynch pic reminds me of the cover of Our Frank single ( think its that one anyway )
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    Morrissey Central: "Morrissey Single" (December 28, 2019)

    The release date on our system for it was 13/12 (and still is ) ... we sold all of ours in 4 days ( only had 10 mind )
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