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    Morrissey Central ELIZABETH DWYER DIES (August 14, 2020)

    Holding M and family close in thoughts. When the generation that stands between us and eternity passes, it's a slap.
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    Morrissey Central "TATTOO, TODAY, L.A" (January 26, 2020)

    Is this gentleman in the Lakers shirt mourning the crash which killed Kobe Bryant and his 13 yo daughter?
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    Washington Music Theater, Seattle, WA - cancelled

    I'm sorry to read this, on so many levels.
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    Houston White Oak show - now postponed until October 28, 2019

    Understand the frustration but bottom line, there's a rescheduled date. Some of us never got a makeup date from the 2017 tour, and I'd have much preferred a reschedule to the nothing we got. The reality is, unless all the Houston newspapers are wrong, quite a few people just got back into their...
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    Current tour song hopes

    (Anything so long as it's sung in Boston, ffs) ---would love to hear You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side Lost
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    Morrissey Central: montages (26 August, 2019)

    These were amusing the first couple or so of this type that he did....years ago.
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    Has Morrissey really changed?

    If you look at the "symptoms," perhaps. This is a more helpful and deeper dive into how Asperger's Syndrome is diagnosed Edited to add...this, from the NIH, is even more helpful re. adults: Box 2 DSM extensions after Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA)...
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    Has Morrissey really changed?

    Wasn't really thought of as a syndrome 'til the 80's, and not commonly diagnosed 'til a decade after that. If someone's older than 40 or so, you'd be hard pressed to find diagnoses while young. And from what I've seen, it's far more diagnosed in the USA than the UK
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    Has Morrissey really changed?

    Morrissey's lodestar has always been Morrissey, for good or ill. My mundane opinion is that he's likely Aspie, and those things and people which upset his idea of The Way Things Ought to Be are anathema to him. Being Aspie doesn't make him an evil man by any means...for him, it's meant that...
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    The album that sums up the 80's decade

    Born in the USA by Springsteen & the E Street Band
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    Smiths tribute night axed over Morrissey's politics - Birmingham Live

    I believe this to be spot on. His parents' generation are all but gone--he is in that inevitable position where he is the elder generation, now, and that is sobering. Sobering because the old ways--for good and for bad--are gone, and that his is the generation closest to the hereafter once his...
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    "Lady Willpower" c/w "Rainbow Valley" - physical single release (available Aug. 23, 2019); artwork

    Apologies for whomever has undoubtedly posted this first (and clearly someone has on youtube), but Moz does resemble Baker from certain angles
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