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  • I am still rotflmao at moz's coachella fest comment about the awful smell of burning animals hoping they are human! Animals come first moz said so himself on 'wrestle with russell'!!!
    One of the vet techs that was working on my dog thought he was 2. He hadn't looked at his teeth which are pretty bad as you can imagine.

    He's chugging along strong for 14. He's never sick. He does have bad eyesight now but he's not blind. I do hope he gets better soon so he can be happy again.

    The hardest thing about changing from being a homebody to being a social person is that the only way to really do it is to just go out more. It's like desensitization. It's also helps to have a good set of friends who always look out for your best interest. The kind of friends that tell you the tough truth when you need it and give you encouragement when you need it. The good thing about getting both is that when you get the encouragement you know they aren't just trying to make you feel better because they know that lying to you does you no good.
    well i shall toast moz with copious amounts of Jack Daniels and play his songs all night! x John
    Eddie is 14. My son is a Virgo. Can a Leo father raise a Virgo son? Find out on "As The Years Pass" on the Soap Opera Network.

    My vet is Daniel Webster in Bedford. They have good prices.

    Are you a homebody by choice or has it been geographically imposed upon you for living in a place no one has ever heard of?
    He had a computer monitor fall of a bed and break 2 of his toes. He's old so its going to be 8 to 10 weeks before the cast comes off. I was originally going to have to pay $85 every time his foot got checked and rewrapped but I found a vet who will do it for $25.

    Maybe not having a computer is a blessing... makes you get out of the house. Society is becoming a bunch of homebodies.
    hey karrie karrie.. my dog is doing better.. no thanks to you ;)

    where have you been? did I once read that you only log in at the library?
    COOL! I just created my 1st thread on the forums pg under General Discussion! Can't wait to read all the replies!
    I got up to pg 30 soon to be my age this yr, on the Moz FRINK thread! NOW I understand what all the hype is about! Me eyeballs hurt from such viewing! He really is truly a handsome specimen! ;) But I thought so first pic I ever saw of him!
    I am sending out your package today or Monday:) It was some video from MGM & HOB. A cd of the pics from MGM, and the bootleg of the HOB show:) Did you get any contact info on the guy from Canada? Have a Moztastic day!
    Ah, they're always married, aren't they?

    I have the most difficult time sleeping at night. Working at an emergency vet clinic didn't help since I was usually there until 1:00 am. Now that I'm not there anymore, I still can't sleep. I've been a night owl since I was a teenager. I can force myself to be a morning person if I have to but it's always so easy to slip back into not sleeping at night. How long have you worked at the SPCA?

    Ironically, I joined the board on James Dean's birthday. I had been lurking for a while but the LOL Mozzer thread was too tempting for me to resist posting on so I officially came out of the lurker's closet on Page 12. :o


    I've actually been a Moz fan since the early '90's. The first time I saw him live was two years ago. Better late than never. :D
    Oh, and the "Human Bean" thing is a James Dean reference. I think it was in one of his letters. At any rate, there is a chapter in James Dean: The Mutant King, by David Dalton called "I'm Just a Human Bean." :D
    I checked out the website. He's making a drummer face in the only picture I saw of him there but I can see a bit of a resemblance. I wish I knew someone who looked like RDJ! :horny:

    When I first signed up here, I went through the frink thread. It took a while but I saved all the pictures that I liked along the way so I wouldn't have to go through it again. I visit it every now and then, more so in the past few weeks since people are posting recent show pictures.

    I remember those days well. The first message board I got sucked into was Train's. I had to do a lot of posting from the school library until I got a computer of my own. You may be safer that way because you're limited to the amount of time you can spend online. I've always been a night owl and it's so easy to stay up late/all night browsing stuff. :o
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