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Sep 8, 2007
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Oct 1, 2019
    1. Kewpie
      Hi there, regarding reported post, you can use rating system to mark it down. If a post gets more than 5 negative ratings, it won't shown on your screen. Hope it helps.
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    2. sweetness522
      Hi Karel, Nice videos that you got! I was next to Cheryl on the barrier and she was the perfect barrier-mate. I never got to hear your story about Israel. Did you end up going to Bowery? I was a bit too rough for me. But Moz was in top form. I don't think he was up to it at the Wellmont. He looked tired. I agree with you that the set-list is making me yawn. It was great to meet you. Can you tell Cheryl that I enjoyed her company and if she wants to keep in touch, I'm here - Diane
    3. sweetness522
      I'm going to Bowery, Webster and Carnegie. After all these months, I still can't get over the pictures from Israel.
    4. sweetness522
      I knew it was you from the Israel pix. I was standing next to you at the Wellmont and I recognized you from your avatar!! I was the girl with the long dark hair. Next to the guy you were talking to about old Moz shows. Can you believe how the barrier almost collapsed. I got bruised but nothing bad. It was a great finale. Are you going to any NY shows? - D
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