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    What song are you listening to right now?

    "Disappointed" by Morrissey
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    Your top ten songs: The 80s

    I'm not sure if this list is for songs released in the 80's or that were created in the 80's. I'm gonna go with songs created in the 80's.... * "Wonderful Woman" by The Smiths * "The Missing Boy" by Durutti Column * "A Night Like This" by The Cure * "Happy Lovers At Last United" by...
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    Music video masterpieces

    "This Charming Man" is such an awesome video and song!!! Great pick! This video really captures their spirit and all of their strengths. I've tried to like Blur. I've tried to force myself to like them but they just don't click with me at all. They're like Led Zeppelin to me, completely boring...
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    Music video masterpieces

    Here's three more that I consider to be masterpieces.... "Domino Dancing" by Pet Shop Boys -I've read some people think this music video is cheesy, but I think it's perfect in every way. It was filmed in Puerto Rico. I'm not a huge fan of Rage's music but I like this song and its video...
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    Music video masterpieces

    My favorite and I feel the best ever.... "Suedehead" by Morrissey The most powerful music video I've ever seen ( some of it is very hard to watch)... "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride Really does an incredible job of capturing the vibe of a tremendous city...
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    "The Fallen Idol" (1948) * Excellent film with superb performances by Ralph Richardson, Sonia Dresdel, Michele Morgan, Denis O'Dea, and one of the best, if not thee best, child performances by Bobby Henrey. Richardson, Morgan, O'Dea, and Henrey all turn in astonishingly natural...
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    " Perhaps she was what she was because... I am what I am, We ought to be very careful, Phile... 'cause we make one another." -Baines (as portrayed by Ralph Richardson) in "The Fallen Idol" (1948).
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    "Life doesn't care about your vision, you just gotta roll with it." -Harold Ramis
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    Morrissey's next TTY entry

    Re: Morrissey's next TTY entry... I agree if Morrissey would've just fallen he would've carried on but I also believe that most performers would've soldiered on after getting hit by a water bottle. Madonna's tough and would have definitely done it. She may have gone backstage for a minute...
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    Smiths Reunion Setlist

    At this point in time I believe Johnny would have zero interest in this. I think Moz may do it, especially just for one show, but never Johnny. Even if they did do it I would hope they'd just announce themselves as Morrissey & Marr, or Marr & Morrissey. I feel you can't call yourselves The...
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    Morrissey's next TTY entry

    Re: Morrissey's next TTY entry... I have to disagree. When he got hit in the head with the water bottle he pouted and took off as fast he could. I was really disappointed that he did that to all of the fans who bought tickets for that show. He should've remembered the old showbiz addage "The...
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    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    -The article on Stevie Nicks is very good. I wasn't that big of a fan of hers before I read it, but I am now. Cool article about a cool woman.
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    Which songs tap into your soul?

    "Razor Face" by Elton John -This probably won't even play. It took me 25 minutes to get it to play just once. Of course, "Tiny Dancer" fired up right away, which I'm really not that big of a fan of. "Razor Face" and "Tiny Dancer" were recorded on the same day and are both on the "Madman...
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    "Black or White" (2015) A wonderful movie. * Has lots of surprising twists & turns. A great screenplay which is thoughtful, genuine, and looks at life with a wide, big picture lense. This screenplay is fifty times better than the narrow minded, tunnel visioned, crass, overrated piece of crap...
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