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Apr 5, 2010
Jan 25, 2007
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Jukebox Jury


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Apr 5, 2010
    1. sistasheila
      *packing hamburg football-shirt present for jukebox in suitcase*:lbf:

    2. sistasheila
      phill can you help conc manchester public transport ( i couldnt fin a website thts why im asking you)..which one is the cheapest way to go round manchester..will staying there for 4 days ...which ticket is the best? thnks inadvance
    3. karriemoz
      Thanks for befriending me! Answering to my thread I started last Fri. What are fans planning on doing to celebrate Moz's big 5-0!!!
    4. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Phill!
      Hope the game was fun! Glad you enjoyed the Star and Garter evening! The annual Smiths Convention was last weekend here in L.A. I didn't go so I don't know how it was. I went last year and loved all the music but the overall feeling was lacking. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! - Laura :)
    5. CaliforniaMozGirl
      Hi Phill!
      I got my flight to Manchester this week! Now I just have to figure out what to pack. Looking forward to meeting you next month! Hope you are having a great weekend!- Laura:)
    6. morrisseychic
      maybe someday we can have a Moz-solo meet up with other members. Moz fans unite and take over!
    7. morrisseychic
      I heard your moving to mass? Where in Mass? I live near the NH Border.
    8. Corrissey
      Babies are a great way to start people. :)

    9. Ellen
      It's not your biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday anymore.
    10. Viva Tom
      Viva Tom
      Hey Jukebox

      I am writing concerning your thread 'Print Out And Keep Morrissey / Smiths London Guide'. The guide mentions the Rock Garden in Covent Garden, which has since been shut down. It's a sin indeed. Just thought you might want to know.
    11. EPbabe
      Yer mean! :D
    12. Practising Troublemaker
      Practising Troublemaker
      HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you at the S+G at some point in the next twelve months!
    13. ThisCharmingGirl
    14. sistasheila
      hi phill
      during cleaning up i found your book "Morrissey`s manchester"again..did get lost..and wondered if you bringing out a new updated version of it..since i guess some of the buildings mentioned may have not been there by now? or is the other book you have "Panic in the streets" a more updatds version of the manchester part you wrote first?
    15. Jukebox Jury
      Jukebox Jury
      yes, noticed that (rolls eyes!!)
      thanks anyway!

    16. Black Eyed
      Black Eyed
      Hey Phill,
      I tried to do a separate thread for your calendar and it lasted all of 45 seconds before it was merged. Never mind eh?
    17. Revol
      Alright mate? Remember Saturday outside Piccadilly station when you bumped into PT? Well I was the tall, long haired, beareded bloke with him.

      Just letting you know.
    18. sistasheila
      have you been lucky with tixs??
    19. Imaginary.girl
      Hahaha, yes, it sounds a bit odd, but I appreciate your offer, you are too kind, thank you, I'm seriously considering it because the last time I was there I spent too much time in this acquaintance flat and I don't think she likes me very much, lol. (it's all about the things you do to follow your dreams isn't it?)
      So now I can definitely say the whole universe has aligned against me, because I can't make it at that time...sadly enough, I have to work until 3.30 pm. BUT, that shouldn't stop me from going to the gig at night, (insert the correct tag question here)?. Do you think there'll be any tickets left for me if buy them on the same day of my arrival?

    20. Jukebox Jury
      Jukebox Jury
      No I don't have AIM but do have email - [email protected]
      The S&G starts at 9am until 2.30am and is £5
      The tour with the couple will start around 1-2pm when they arrive from the south of England.

      Grim (Hugh's and my friend) is staying with me Friday night. You are most welcome to join us at my house. I know it sounds strange as we have not met before, but you will have your own room - just trying to save you spending money on a hotel when you can stay at my place.
      No offence taken if you do not stay over!

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