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  • Despite most of the 'Versus Cancer' concerts being filmed, only the Scottish show has been broadcast. Speculation of a DVD has been in the pipeline for years but no material has been shown to date. There was also talk of a CD they were going to bring out but that never saw the light of day I don't think. A 2008 'Versus Cancer' concert took place in Glasgow, Scotland on Friday 28th November 2008. It was originally due to take place at the Glasgow SECC, but the concert was moved to the smaller O2 Academy Glasgow. There were 4 main 'Versus Cancer' concerts which took place at the MEN Arena in Manchester in the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
    Haha when the forum comes up as I'm sure it will I'll be sure to mention you!
    Hi Phill!
    How is life? Is it pretty cold in Manchester these days? How are your moving plans coming along? It is a Moz night here. making a three hour drive to Indio to see him. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well! It will be my Mom's first Morrissey show after years of trying to get her to go! As she is in her 60s, it had to be at a seated show. Hope he doesn't cut it too short! Hope you are doing well!
    - Laura : )
    It is just round the corner from The Ritz in Manchester city centre, Whitworth Street / Cambridge street junction.
    Out of curiosity: when I see your sig pic I flash back to Edinburgh, but where is that bridge really?
    Hi Phil, where can I get one of those 'I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell - tote bags you used on the Panic book. Many thanks!
    Hello Phill!
    Hope you had a good trip! Sorry about the jetlag! That sucks! Glad your visa is progressing along! That is very exciting! I have been back at work since July 30. I am already fed up. But I will be off in October. Counting down the days! Just awaiting Mozzer's announcement for the LA gig! Woo-Hoo! Be well! - Love, Laura : )
    Hey Phill!
    How have you been? How are you plans progressing to move to Boston? Anything new and exciting? Any plans to come out for the LA Moz gig in December? Hope you have been doing well!- Love, Laura : )
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