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  • COOL! I was starting to feel like Ohio was inadequately represented! ha

    I was thinking of starting a group called C.O.M.A. (Central Ohio Morrissey Admirers - "We're really serious!") but it would be open to everyone, anybody who would come to Columbus for a show - you know, C.O.M.A. after-party and such. As soon as I announce it I'm sure he'll decide that he's over Columbus and make one of the other big cities Ohio-home, but that would be okay because if it were Cleveland or Cincinnati, it could still be called C.O.M.A. LOL Or Canton! (Unlikey! ha!) Chrissie Hynde is about to open a Vegiterranean here and I'm hoping that having Italian vegan food here will keep him focused. HA

    That one concert in April changed my life - literally. I can't believe how many wonderful people I've met. It seems like it was YEARS ago though - I can't believe it was only less than 6 months ago!!!
    Hi Joy. Happy Day to you for Morrissey's birthday, which is now actually over. Hope you are fine. xo
    i am on beer number 5m,but this aint no crappy beer,its 12 percent beer,so im all kinds of good. and drunk.
    control is on in demand,you should order it,enjoy some more wine and watch ian curtis in all his glory,well the actor that plays him anyways.


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