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  • hi jose just saw you are online and wanted to leave a "Dag"
    here:) how are you?
    Gauw tot ziens
    een goede dag veder;)
    17 gigs, OMG!!!! Want to tell me which ones? I've just seen a Brussels date was added, I may be considering it...

    Africa???? :eek:

    I can totally relate to that. Plus, lots of the usual posters have left or got banned, so it's been pretty quiet on here. I saw Leonard Cohen on concert!!!!! :love:

    How are you, dear?
    Hey!! Glad you had fun and everything worked out -at least something good came out of all those cancellations! I don't care so much for Dustland Fairytale, but I do agree that Mr. Flowers is fiiiiiine :horny:

    Hope you are well :)
    you do model? campaign/pics who are online?show;-)
    well considering the demanded size zero in the modelindustry nowadays...every one is big...but who wants size zero really?
    i dont see the "big girl" (edit:if you mean big not in height but in SIZE)at all..:confused:you look absolutely fab;)
    no i havent got one..but i know what you look like( tha tgreat pic in the ice of you that you posted] i surely say hi to you,miss jose;)

    hi hon enjoy the RAH concert..i will be there for manchester and the following london dates after that lets:pray: he didnt get sick...
    sweetie let me just compliment you again, event hough i did pm you already on that matter (before i even read it)..
    i just read through whole the interview translation right now(quite some good quips morrissey let slip there:p )..and you did such a great job!
    i salute you miss! i wasnt able to translate that fast from the orginal language into english as you did:thumb:
    and once again i was surprised that i didnt understand more dutch ..isnt dutch supposed to be similar to german?:p
    hope some more people will compliment you on this work

    ..out of curiousity..whats your job where one`s dont have the boss sitting and watching every second?:p:lbf:
    Aw man! That sucks!! Well, better safe than sorry. And you have seen them once, so not a huge loss, right? And as a consolation, seeing Moz and DM...not too shabby. ;) However, just missing Paul Rudd? DEVASTATING! :eek::D

    Thanks for the PM, I've been wondering where you've been. I've been okay, taking life one day at a time and keeping my fingers crossed the Handsome Devil doesn't cancel Milwaukee or Chicago. ;) come its so expensive...:eek::eek::eek:
    no way to get it cheaper,,,damn:tears::tears::tears: 3.08 euro...

    yeah its Oor mag from 85..
    theyre is another one from 87 which did get printes in an english translation
    but not this one from 85...I bought.
    Hi sweetie..
    how are you?
    pm box is full so hope you dont mind i write you via guestbook
    I did buy another dutch mag with a superb mozzer interview for you to translate:sweet::flowers::flowers:.if you like to do it did so well last time:flowers::flowers:...might take some time for me to scan it though...but one question..the girl did charge me quite high claiming the postal services are so high when sending from the netherlands(reuver)
    I was wondering about that cause i did receive some post from the Uk for a mag where the postal costs didnt cost more than 1.08-1.50 pound so I cant qiuite understand that she do charge 3,08 euro for a lightweight magazine. within europe ansd without a sigfn in
    .but she insists that the TNT postal services charge so that so?.are there any alternatives which are cheaper?
    thnks as always for helping me with... oh so many;) .....questions;):blushing:
    I don't know, there isn't a rule book on it (parenting) just 'naughty' kids and the parents are at a wits end! good oh Jo sorts em out:D
    :eek: WTF was that? Terrible vid, sorry guys...but Brandon's FACE looks great :horny: I don't like that song, Spaceman is what they opened up with.
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