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    White barber shop T-shirt, size M, like new, sold out at Mporium

    The shirt is unworn and in like-new condition. 25€ + postage
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    Champion Leader – When Morrissey Finally Dies (EP)

    Came across this by accident
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    for sale -- 2x The Cure standing tickets Stuttgart show 06.11.16

    I have 2 standing tickets for the Stuttgart Show for sale. I will let them go for 110€ (both tickets). Pickup or personal handover in the area of Frankfurt or Darmstadt
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    1 Standing ticket needed for Berlin Tempodrom 16.08.16

    I'm desperately looking for a ticket for the 16.08. show in Berlin since I missed the ticket sale yesterday :tears: So if anyone is willing to sell a ticket, please contact me. But I can't pay more than 75€ :(
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    Question about Moz 180 gram vinyl reissues

    Unfortunately there are no goodies included with the vinyl reissues of KU, YA and V&I. The only thing special about them is that they feature different sleeve designs.
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    The Smiths' / Morrissey bootleg list?

    Maybe this could help: List of unofficial Morrissey releases List of unofficial The Smiths releases
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    2016 repress of "Bona Drag" 20th anniversary edition (vinyl, out February 26, 2016)

    Not really, since the box sets contain the album tracks of Bona Drag, Your Arsenal (and Vauxhall & I) and the HMV PARLOPHONE Singles box set compiles most of the singles and b-sides. So, if you like Bona Drag as an "album", get the standard CD. And if you're rather interested in the singles and...
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    2016 repress of "Bona Drag" 20th anniversary edition (vinyl, out February 26, 2016)

    I think Famous refers to these releases:
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    2016 repress of "Bona Drag" 20th anniversary edition (vinyl, out February 26, 2016)

    For those who didn't know yet, there'll be a vinyl repress of the Bona Drag 20th Anniversary Edition released on February 26, 2016. Discogs Related item: Bona Drag 20th anniversary edition released (UK - Oct. 4, 2010) - Oct. 4, 2010
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    TTY: Public Enemy! - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    Re: You are not going to believe the latest SER post on TTY. Really. You are not.
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    Selling some double CD copies (nothing rare)

    I need to clear out my CD shelf, so I'm selling these double CD copies I have: Morrissey - The best of (2001) (ex) -- 3€ Morrissey - Suedehead MCD (ex) -- 2€ Morrissey - Kill Uncle (sire) (vg, cut-out) -- 3€ Morrissey - Greatest Hits 2CD Edition (misproduction, CD1 was/is missing) (ex) --...
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    bowie tribute thread

    live from heaven above
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