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    It looks amazing, architecturally and such. Thanks for the recommendation. :thumb:
    I also like the look of Bruges (well, it looked interesting in the film 'In Bruges').
    oops! Only just noticed I had a visitor message. No, I was just being foolish. I'm actually from the UK, but I am obssessed with Kafka and would like to visit one day.
    Oh, yeah, I'm gonna build a jesus-solo like you suggested. Once it's done, I'll invite you so you can pretend to be offended and then get all snippy and contribute with your randon funny insults and some empty comments. Comments that add nothing to the conversation, but are hilarious nonetheless. Great work!
    I think I found the Danse Macabre sheet music for violin (I saw your post in the 'listening' thread right after I PM'd you). Here. The actual sheet says viola, however I think that may be an error because I read through it, hearing it roughly in my head as I went along and it seems to be right. :)
    Hi:).No no concerts:(,dont forget that i live in Poland,we dont have a lot of concerts here.Sad but true.And you?
    Well yeah,we have a thread here about it.Thats why ive been listening to this song,coz they played it everywhere today.
    I was telling Mr Nightingale about the Deneuve/McLaren song.. and he said McLaren died yesterday. Did you know that?
    Anyway, loving your music posts. keep 'em up.
    Sorry for random add-request (it is my first time doing it actually... :p), but you seem delightful. Not too many are that, on So-Low.
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