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    Who is the girl with the bubble dress on Letterman?

    thanks. wow how interesting, wasnt it just a month ago people were talking about what if morrissey added a woman to his band? do you think she's going to join his band for good?
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    Picture "The Mozfather"

    nice im going to order one of these and stick it on my car.
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    what does julia riley look like?

    the photo is not very clear. im kind of surprised thats the only photo and that no fan has taken a picture of her or with her.
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    Ringleaders Badly Produced & Mixed?

    i love ringleaders. i thought it sounded great. originally i though yatq sounded a bit rough, but its grown on me and i like it a lot now.
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    why did morrissey move to rome?

    i was just reading it is because people were tenting out in front of his LA home? is this true?
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    what does julia riley look like?

    hi im not sure those pics are her. the op said that they were fakes. i was also wondering if morrissey & julia are seeing each other. but everyone says shes a superfan i see.
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    does morrissey have a vegetarian cookbook?

    omg those responses were so funny. sorry i missed those threads. thxs again.
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    does morrissey have a vegetarian cookbook?

    thats cool. i havent read all the interviews, but read he used to like yoghurt and almonds, but wondered what else. sounds like he likes the milder stuff. thanks for your reply.
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    Amazing up-close pix of Moz at the Hollywood Bowl

    these photos are amazing. i wonder what kind of camera she used.
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