Je Suis Julie

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  • Well, hello to you, Miss Book Lover! Nice to know someone else out there reads good stuff! :o) Hope your Sunday is going well. I am watching too much reality television. :p I just subjected my father to, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" poor man!
    I just wanna say..goodnight:)
    i will also go to sleep now..!!

    Well, let your thoughts sing you asleep..
    end of the story..
    see you..;)

    miry in a double coma
    Hi Julie, Look at my myspace profile pictures and you'll see Suzie, my fat tortoiseshell baby. I'll post some here soon. :0)
    Hi Julie, You love cats, too! We have even more in common!! :0) I have to post a pic of my big girl to show you.
    Well, thanks again for your efforts!!..i will have to sleep's 03.48 in the night..or let me say morning; wish you a great rest day..and we will see us in the frink world for sure!!;)..stay ill and frinky..ciouiiiii
    xoxo miry
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