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  • Hi Julie!!! Happy Birthday!!!! :) Make a wish when you blow out your candles--mine came true after my last birthday (to meet Morrissey :o)! HAHA :D I hope you're having a great one! :guitar: xox mell
    do you have any idea of copy dvds (with nero) i have to put the orginal data from the dvd on the computer (i onyl have one tray so i have to put the orginal in get the data onto the computer (.how to I copy it from the :d onto desktop ? then put it out tand take the empty dic and put it in..the q is i have to save the data somewhere to burn i guess i have to made a image data-on the desktop? thnks for help
    You lucky girl! Enjoy the book. I still have to read, The Essential Interviews, so there really is no rush. Did you order from the Book Depository? There are some:horny:photos in there I've seen! I am amazed how readily available the book is in lots of shops/record stores in England, but here we have to fight for a copy!:( I should have just bought the one I saw now in WH Smith!! Anyways, let me know what you think of the book. I don't think that there any any more jaw-dropping revelations, but that is our Moz. We love him.;):D
    Hi Julie, Thank you for the welcome back. I had a wonderful time and I'm still adjusting to the time zone change. I am loading my photos to Snapfish and I'll send them to you as soon as figure it out! Manchester was just awesome, as I saw all the Smiths/Morrissey sites. I miss it already! I saw the hardcover book in Manchester and it was 15 pounds, I should have just bought it, but I didn't want to lug it back with me!:D Now, I wonder if and when Amazon will get more copies.:confused: There are some:horny:pictures in there! I can't wait to get it. I hope that you get your copy soon after all the aggravation. Yes, I've also prepared my husband for multiple shows, travel, etc. He jokingly said to me, "are you going?" and I said, "no, I think I'll skip the tour this time around!". haha:D He knows that can only acquiesce to my obsession.:D:D;) He can't fight it anymore, it is worthless.;)Anyways, I hope your hubby finds a nice office job. Things are tough. Good luck to him. Keep your chin up, there are good times round the bend. I can see a more positive 2009 coming along. Take care, Julie and I'll see you on the frink.-- Diane
    Hi Julie,
    How are you? Did you ever get your Meetings with Morrissey book? I just went on to Amazon to order it and they are sold out. I placed the order anyways. I'm exhausted as I just finished catching up on frink as I was away in Europe and lost my bearings! There were some real beauties up there that I had not seen.:horny: I am struggling to learn my new digital camera to get frinky pictures in time for the new shows. I wonder if he will start on the East or West coast. I'd rather him start on the West, as that would leave time for it to warm up here in New York. I hope that all is well with you, I didn't realize how much I missed the frink thread.:o:o:D -- Diane
    You're such a sweetie. ;) I love that photo so much. This made my morning and helped me to wake up too! :p Thank you very much!
    Thanks Julie, and the morning sickness is finally gone now! YAY! Only the heartburn comes at night but I can handle that no problem.
    is life still alive??:)

    well, i were here..but not often..i was very
    buzy and it's still going on..i started my education
    3 weeks ago..and it's very have to do a
    lot of stuff...especially after school..but i'm happy
    with's much better than i thought..and that's, isn't it? i think i can handle it..:)

    then have a nice dinner..!!
    a better sleep..
    and the best start into day..
    i mean if possible:p

    xoxo miry
    I sense you'll get a call soon from Hallmark. :)

    Thanks, girl. Having a decent day, tho I was SWAMPED at work and stressed. :( Not fair!! But I'm home & getting ready for my kids' open houses at school, then off for dinner and drinky-dos! :D Thax again, hope U R well.
    Thanks for the lovely birthday album cover, Julie!! I'm still wondering if that little one is a boy or a girl. I'm more interested in that than all the subliminal messages behind the photo!! I still think it will be the inner spread and not the actual cover, but anything is possible. -- Love, Diane xo
    Oh thank you. :o I have a few little touches to add to my needs a bit expanding. As for me background, yeah it's a bunch o' mini Moz's. :D A little overwhelming sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way...
    Feeling alright, other than being sick ALL DAY! How have you been? I love your avatar btw!
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