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  • Hi Julie, Thanks! It didn't work. Do I actually type that all out? The only thing I see on the thread is my typing - no videos. I don't want to bother you anymore. I will fiddle around with it and hopefully figure it out!! LOL
    Hi Julie, How are you? I just got back from Manchester and I want to embed a video on the frink! Can you tell me how to do it? Thanks! - Diane
    a belated thnks for your help you offered me conc Lj how to post pics
    it did work
    but I made an mistkake by not hiding it under a LJ cut and i couldnt edit it and hiding the pics under a cut belatedely
    (tried today for 2 hours before again and also tried editing it after the post i gave up an only posted the links )
    so my psot is just to say thnks for helping me on the topic of posting s pics which did work fine but as i said th lj cut which is another isssue didnt work for me
    hey..juklie i#m watching coachella right now..was paul and morrissey on stage , yet..ohno..i hope I haven't miss him..*??*..
    hugs and greets miry:)
    Hi Julie! I only have 3 of the UK shows in my queue right now...I was thinking of doing Coachella, but just saw a show's been added in Oakland so I might be doing that instead! I'm still kicking myself for not getting scalper tix for the Bowery or doing Chicago, but I have so much going on right now that it's probably for the best. :p. I bet the shows you're going to are going to be unforgettable! You'll have to give me a full update!!!
    Hi Julie! Thanks so much for saying hi on my myspace page! :) I miss you guys!!! I feel bad that I've been neglecting the frink and Solo for so long. :tears: But my new job limits my internet time between 9AM-5PM and literally blocks most of the Morrissey pics posted on here! It's not even p*rn and the pics get blocked!!! :mad: So during the day, I miss A LOT of things going on on Solo. I really need to spend more time on Solo in the evenings or weekends when I'm home, but I've been bad and just haven't been making the time. :tears: Needless to say, I'm very lucky I have nice friends like you that keep me in the loop!!! :D

    So how are things? How's the family doing? Oh and BTW, I LOVE THE NEW AVATAR! The bigger pic is actually my new work computer background. :love:
    haha! I will gladly tell Morrissey my lust, er love for Duran Duran. They got to me first. :)
    hi you could made out whats that thing on his arm (not the baby:D) the bracelet acc to the frink)
    i still cant see it ..why is it positioned so weirdly you think?
    if its a bracelet why does it get hold by the baby?
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