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  • really? seriously, i would have guessed 18 at most, meaning i would have carded you for sure :o
    but hey, in my defense, underage chicks are really my job to keep out, not boys :guitar:
    You cheeky bastard. I'm nearly 20 you shit. Then again, you are the first and only person to have said that to me, so I'll just take it as a one off.
    No, there are no lyrics printed in the booklet. The first verse of 'The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils' is printed on the inner sleeve, but inside the booklet are five pictures of Morrissey.
    you have the southpaw record on 12inch? i wonder if its possible if you tell whats inthehre in the booklet: are the lyrics printed? are the pictures printed some already known or new,unknown ones?
    linernotes etc?
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